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white stuff under rohto cap?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by clarko, May 22, 2010.

  1. There is tons of white resdue inside my rhoto cap that looks like

    A. Whenever rohtos dry (blue cap) they create white residue where they dried.

    B. Theres a ***** trying ta kill me

    so fellow stoners with blue rohtos, what is the answer and should I use them?

  2. A - relax dude thats just the liquid dried up under there same happens to mines you dont gotta worry unless your doing something stupid like jizzing on your rohto lol

    B - i have no clue what this means/what response are you looking to elicit? :eek:
  3. It's an alien virus. You're going to die.

    Like he ^ said it's just dried up Rhoto. If it bugs you wash it away with some sterile saline solution.

  4. No man its totally cocaine. He should scrape it and snort it, no fake, no fake.

  5. science project: put some rohto somewhere where it can dry, and see if it turns into a whitish residue
    problem solved
  6. alright cool thanks guys. B. was a quote from a geto boys song middle man. The censored word was nig to the ga if that makes more sense now. Sketchy shit has been going on and I could see someone trying to put some shit in my eyedrops so I was just making sure it dried white and I really didn't feel like conducting a rohto experiment.

  7. arent most eyedrops lye anyway?

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