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White Stuff= Mold?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sxesadie, Feb 24, 2009.

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    I know there's already a mold thread but I was wondering are white spots on bud always mold? I bought a 1/4th last week of some dank (which my dealer got from a different guy than normal) and I checked it out and everything looked fine. Then today I looked at it all in the sunlight and noticed white spots on my bud. I'm kind of worried because I'm not sure what it is.

    However my highs with this weed has been crazy intense lately. Last night I had one of the most intense highs of my life, it was like one big cycle where I went from being enlightened mellow and happy to thinking and feeling like I was going to die and then I got the strangest urge to sleep but was too scared to. Then I felt the urge to cry so I had to make myself cry so I could feel better then the whole cycle started over again.

    What do you guys think, dank or mold?? BTW sorry for the crappy quality but here are cell phone pics of it.

    Also I've tried wiping it off but nothing comes off...

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  2. It looks like it could be but it's impossible to tell with that quality of image. Use a real camera maybe :p
  3. Haha sorry my camera's batteries are dead. In florescent light it looks fine but when I look at it in sunlight it looks moldy with spots all over it. If it is mold what should I do...there's no way in hell I'm trashing it.
  4. looks like mould to me for sure

    there's now way i'd smoke that but you might be able to pick off the worst bits?
  5. rip off the white spots and smoke the rest
  6. Looks like mold. I'd throw it all out; mold toxins and spores are all over the place even where you can't see it. It won't kill you but it's nasty stuff to smoke.
  7. You can never be too certain. If you even think for a SECOND "mold." Don't smoke it.
  8. Shit that sucks! Well thanks for the help everyone. Can it get on my other nugs if they're all in the same container??
  9. Yes it can and it will. You need to clean the container with iso alcohol then hot water.
  10. amen

    and keep popping the container every day for ten minutes - and keep the container away from heat or direct sunlight


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