white spots on seeling! whaaaat?

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  1. so idk what goin on right now or what i did wrong but heres the details and what happeneing...

    one week ago i planted some bag seed in straight coco ph5.8

    its under a cfl 24/0

    the next day it poped out and was goin good:D

    on the 3rd day it already had catylodons and a pair of leaves.

    the 5th day it flopped over and was limp.:eek: so i put more coco around it to kinda prop it up thinking it just wasnt burryed enough....?

    no new growth since

    and today i noticed 2 little white spots on the 2 new leafs (one spot on each leaf)

    i don tknow how i could have posibly messed up already:confused:

    sorry if the pics arent clear enough, all i have is my iphone

    help would be much appreciated!

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  2. Could be over watering.
  3. Hmmm I could see that. I'll let it dry out a bit and see how that goes. Thanx!

    Any other suggestions?
  4. How often you watering man? No nutes right?
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    well there was the first watering when i broke up the brick of coco. and then i planted it and then like 4 days later i tolled my friend to water it again and he said he did... is that too much? i wasnt there to judge so i was just assuming it needed it

    and yea no nutes

    my friend said when he tried to throw more coco on top to help it stand up he droped a little coco on top of the seedling and he said he thinks thats what the white spots are from... so im kinda concentraiting on how to mnake it stand up right
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    With it flopping that sounds like it may be stretching alittle how many watts is your bulb? And with CFL's they need to be pretty close. A small fan blowing on the plant from the beginning makes the stim stronger. Until it'll stand on it's on try standing it up with a toothpick. Also sounds like your not over watering at all.
  7. its a cfl... it should be ejouf light cuz hes got clones goin and their doin just fine

    my guess so far is over watering??? sounds the best to me
  8. in coco (which is hydro) it's difficult to overwater, but can be done. a lot of coco out there (especially the bricked stuff) needs to be flushed prior to use. i don't use that stuff any more. did you flush it???
  9. You said you planted it in straight coco but there is some perlite or something that looks like it in the pics. How is the drainage in the solo cup? How soon after the watering were the pics taken? I would guess overwatering and Growbot is right, it is difficult to overwater in coco but not impossible as I learned.
  10. how well did you rinse your coco ?
  11. to answer all three of your questions i didnt flush it to start with... i know better but i was just being retarded:smoke:. theres only two little slits in the bottom of the cup so i poked two nice sized holes in the bottom now for more drainage. the reason theres a bit of perlight in the mix is cuz we threw some already mixed stuff on top to help it stand up. and because i didnt flush at the start i did a flush with just phed water lastnight and im gunna make sure to dry it out real good before watering again.
  12. Looks like you learn fast haha keep all of this in mind (or write it down) for your next grow and I'm sure you'll do great! Always make new mistakes:smoke:
  13. with new coco like that, i'd keep running water through there until it comes out clear.
  14. yea... im the one who threw some extra coco on there for him, the seed sprouted up so fast, it got to tall and the stem couldent support itself. it kept falling over and laying down. we tried using a toothpick, but it didnt help alot, so threw some more coco in to give it some support

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