White spots on leaves & tiny flying critters plants r veg

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  1. clones approx 8 weeks old vegging indoors, saw & am seeing the same spots on mother she's flowering outdoors. Clones are pretty heavily infested.
  2. white spot has to be powdery mildew.

    i recommend either straight 3% or diluted 31% hydrogen peroxide sprayed onto all the leaves.

    Or if you wanna make sure it’s all good, use P–90
  3. I’d recommend some ladybugs for spider mites, and Eagle 20EW
  4. Pics... It's a total guess without more info and pics
  5. If it's bugs there are all sorts of approaches, but a good first step is to do a thorough foliar spray - I use a mixture of neem oil and Azimax with a touch of blue Dawn. Get some sticky traps to catch flyers and to gauge if your strategy is working. You should see less and less bugs on the traps.
  6. Sorry Fennario. lmao. I use Eagle 20EW


    with an air pump

    and i don’t have ladybugs on me. but ladybugs eat mites.

    i also use hydrogen peroxide mix to spray the leaves that are infested. [​IMG]

    I use this ALL to maintain my plants green and happy

    and my blue cookies

  7. Agent orange , I have a different strain , younger in the same cabinet.
  8. No need to be sorry. There are all sorts of approaches and products that will work.
  9. Did you look under the leaves and check for spider mites? Whatever it is I'd get spraying pretty quickly. Whatever product you use, you'll want to do it at dusk and thoroughly spray both sides of the leaves and the entire plant and ground around it - every 3 days - 3x over a 9 day span. This way you'll hopefully get nymphs and freshly hatched larva.
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  10. You can also accompany this with some lady bugs.

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