white satin

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by grassmaker, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. got 5 white satins on flowering about 2 weeks there 3g clones under a 600w light and 8 hours of co2

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  2. Never heard of that strain. Do you know what it's a cross of? I'm thinking White Widow and something else. Hmm. They're looking good!
  3. Very nice man. I have wanted to see this strain for a while. And damn it is as white as a suspected.
  4. mandala does white satin
  5. White Satin (Mandala) Landraces; N. India, Punjab X ??

    very good high,easy to take care of,6 to 7 weeks to flower,and easy to clone as well

  6. it gets whiter and sticky as well
  7. yea anything from mandala is good stuff, i have some Safari mix outdoors all over 5 feet and they are bushy too. Smell so good. I say mandala is the best for the money by far i have not seen a single complaint and the germ rate is fantastic (i'm 30/30).
  8. yeah and female rate is good also got 6 last time.not one herme in the pack.and iam sure i got a female that wont go to seed.and ready in 7 weeks

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