White Russian: Ready to harvest???

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  1. Hi All,

    I have 2 WR plants. The first is 102 days old and has been at 12/12 for 71 days. The 2nd WR is 95 days old and has been at 12/12 for 68 days. The max flowering period is supposed to be 10 weeks. Many of the bud trichs are still clear. What are your thoughts, should I take 1 or both down?



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  2. buy a microscope at radio shack and look at the trichromes. heres a pic to help you out

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  3. actually i have the radio shack one and it is kinda tricky to use...i suggest a jewelers loupe 30x with a light..about $10 with shipping online..radio shack one is $12 but difficult to use because it is so tiny..Maybe the 420 Scope is better

    anyone have one of those 420 scopes?

    also nice job on the WR they look delicious man!
  4. They could go another week. But, they look like they're in window, so if you need the space, they'll probably be pretty good now.

    You might push a bit more weight out of them if you wait a week though.

    Personally: I'd wait.
  5. Thanks,

    I agree, and will wait at least 1 more week. I have been taking them outside for a few hours to get some late afternoon sun, seems to be helping the lower buds.

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