White Russian in soil, what nutrients do i need??

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  1. Alright lads,

    Im growing white russian in soil and i am not to sure what nutrients i need so can anyone suggest exactly what nutrients i will need for the full grow and at what stage each type of nutrient is needed! Can you tell me the the brand name so i can try find them on the net as i need to order them soon!!

  2. that's what I'm growing albeit with a ton of improvising but my next (official) grow will also include it.

    I opted for the Fox Farm line of Nutes. They have a grow schedule and everything. I would either cut the amounts in half or 1/4 at the beginning.

    This is my first grow though so I don't have first hand experience but from all the research, most have really liked the FF line.

  3. cheers mate but can you tell me the exact name of the nuits is, i know the brand name is fox farm but what exact one if you know what i mean.
  4. That PDF shows all the names at the top but they are:

    Grow Big
    Tiger Bloom
    Big Bloom
    Open Sesame
    Beastie Bloomz
    Cha Ching

  5. So what ones did you use i obvisously dont need all them do i????

  6. Yea you use them all. I take it you're not able to open up that link?

    That link shows a spreadsheet type layout that categorizes all those nutes along with which week they need to be added. It goes all the way to week 12 but if you need to go further, you just use the 12th weeks configuration.

    For instance,

    During the seedlings and cuttings, it says to use Big Bloom until they sprout. This is purely subjective though especially if you're already using FF soil, big bloom may be a little overkill to the little ones.

    Then weeks 1-3 of veg, you add 1Tbl of Big Bloom
    Then weeks 2-4, grow big gets added
    Then Weeks 5 & 6, grow big is dropped but tiger bloom is added

    They all have a place within a specific time period of growth.

    If you can't view that link, lemme know and I'll copy just the picture and post it up
  7. Cheers mate sounds good but your right i actually cant open the link so if you could post the pic that would be great!!
  8. Here ya go

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  9. cheers mate thats a great little chart do know roughly how much it costs for all them nutrients and see where it says feed every other watering does that mean every second watering??

  10. Yea every 2nd watering (which is probably the reason I burned my plants as I didn't see that lol) .

    The first three that are liquid are somewhere around $15 each for the quart size then the solubles are anywhere from $25 to $35 each for the 1lb size. Those prices are from my local hydro store though.
  11. To be honest, Id pick up a bags of Blood and bone meal (8 bucks each)
    ,fish emulsion,Worm castings,Go organic.

    Im thinking on taking on this to avoid all the Chemicals, since I am going to be smoking this it just nudges me wrong, even with flushing before harvest.

    But this is just my thoughts so far you have had great advice from Stangfriik.

    But Organic is something worth looking into:hello:

    Cheers friend

  12. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought FF nutes were organic?
  13. Heh Idk, Im just talking the soil mixtures and Teas.

    Not really using a brand more of your own soil, ya know what I mean?

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