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white Rhino

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DuceDuce, May 13, 2010.

  1. new poster but not new to weed or the site im from NY and i never had this strand before. . .a connect wants to sell me 5grams for $100. . .is that good or am i getting ripped?
  2. That sounds like a fair price from where I'm from. But white rhino is pretty dank, I'd be happy.
  3. Well that's 20 a g it's not great but it's not terrible if it's legit white rhino should be great stuff.
  4. You're not getting as good of a deal as you should. When you buy bulk you should get it less than $20 a gram.
  5. if it's white rhino i'd do it
  6. thats pretty darned expensive. sure you could be getting a dank strain. but you could get some un-named beasters for 10$ a gram. well i guess it depends on your area
  7. it should be 100-110 for a quarter. 5g's for that is tight, he'll be making a lot of money off you, but as long as it's legit Rhino then it's still worth it IMO. Watch out for names though. I'd buy a single g if I were you since you're not saving anything by buying in quantity
  8. yeah he should give you it for 80, or at most 90.
  9. i figured something wasnt right...i gotta talk him down
    everybody gave me such good reviews on the rhino lol
  10. He's got some rock star too, same's that?
  11. sounds like your gett'n raped in the ass and then giving him a blow job after.that's how bad that deal is.I got white rhino for $35 an 1/8 ,so a gram and a half more shouldn't be $100 bucks.Talk that shit down to $70 At MOST.but i do live a medical cannabis state so i could see how the price could be tripled...(still fu*king crazy high price...what is this ,coke???)
  12. Well realistically, your guy is paying between 10-15 a gram, so off 5 grams at 20$ each he'll be raking it in. Ask him if he can hook you up if you get a quarter.

    Or just buy a single gram and see if it's legit. Hell, get one of each and see which is better. Then call him up and buy a few more grams of the danker shit. Just don't be fooled by names.

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