White rhino

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  1. Just heard the last white male rhino died!

    We are a destructive species we humans!

    I suspect it won't be the last species to go the same way in our pursuit of money
  2. If it was known to be the last white rhino male?, why wouldn't they take cuttings off and clone it?
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    Dunno mate just heard it on news.
    Maybe they did do that.

    Did a quick Search there is two female ones left. So they probably wanked the male off before his demise

    It's the northern rhino the southern species is doing ok
  4. that is so so sad Rhinos are awesome one of my favorite animals. :(

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  5. Elephants are mine.
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  6. Yea elephants are cool af too :) they are kind of scary as well tho lol

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  7. Oops. Thought you you were talking about the marijuana strain. One track mind here.
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  8. While yes you can blaim the death of entire species on humans you cannot, however blame every single death on humans. Species have come and gone before we came along.

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