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  1. This is my first smoke report. I harvested a single Albino rhino 1 month ago and I am amazed at how the smoke has evolved. I even snapped a stem, on accident, at week 7 and dried and smoked that, so even the difference in harvest between weeks 7 and 9 is amazing. When I began the cure, I had 4 jars of differing size and matched up bud size to jar size. Between even the 4 jars the difference is crazy. The larger buds which took longer to dry are so much of a better smoke and high than the smaller buds. Ok, so some comparison. All these shots were taken tonight, so the first is harvest 1A, at 7 weeks, so it has been drying a month and a half. The rest of the shots have been drying for 1 month.
    7 week harvest. Pretty harsh smoke at first, still not quite good. High is ok, but short-lived. You can see from the bud shots it is still very leafy and green.
    DSCN7310.JPG DSCN7311.JPG DSCN7312.JPG
    9 week harvests from here on out. This first group is the smallest of the popcorn buds. Really, kind of similar smoke to the earlier, large bud, harvest. It is slightly smoother but is again kind of short lived and can sometimes produce a headache. I think the quick rate at which the smaller ones dried is a big factor.
    DSCN7313.JPG DSCN7314.JPG
    The next largest jar, what I've been smoking on lately. The smoke gets considerably smoother at this stage, much more lasting high. It is also one of those great highs where you forget you're high, until you do something stupid and laugh to yourself, Oh shit, I'm high.
    The 2nd largest of the bunch, haven't started to smoke on these yet, but they are dry enough and smell quite good. It's a kind of indistinct smell though, not fruity, not sweet or citrusy, very background kind of smell, like earthy or peppery. These buds are mostly between mini-bic and bic size, the largest 2 are shown.
    DSCN7316.JPG DSCN7317.JPG DSCN7318.JPG
    And for the final bunch. These are typical of the size buds I have in that jar, all about the same length. I haven't even thought about touching these babies yet. After a month, they are still a little spongy and have a slight hay smell left. The rest of the jars lost the hay smell about 2 weeks ago. I am excited for what these will hold for me in another month.
    DSCN7319.JPG DSCN7320.JPG DSCN7321.JPG


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