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White rhino

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KUSH ner, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. image-1124592788.jpg

    Just smoked some of this white rhino. Feeling an incredible body high, and my mind is fucking with me a lot. This is great
  2. super famous strain around my city but havent got to try, i see why :eek:
  3. Looks a bit bruised and more like mids but could just be the angle. If it get the job done then it's good. :D
  4. Nah yea the flash makes the bud look weird but I can tell its not mids by the smell of it.
  5. That's definitely not mids bro. :bongin:

  6. It's looks like its coated in trichs idk what you're looking at, but on topic I only had this shit years ago when I was in high school and haven't had it since all I remember is me and my friend faced a joint then had a crazy conversation for 10min but then we couldn't remember 1word we said for the last 10min it was crazy, sorry for the long post I'm really high lol
  7. They have this at my dispensary but i didn't know that until i bought ak47. I would have picked it up though.
  8. White Rhino, at least around here, is between $6-8 a gram regularly. Have tried it multiple times, and for that price it is good. Wouldn't pay $10 a gram though considering what else is around this area for the same price.
  9. Aside of relatively discussing price like the pretentious fools we are, the color looks nice and green and the nice orange hairs. Nice man
  10. Got one white rhino seed in the mail coming!
  11. Looks potent.

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