white rhino, should i harvest.. pics

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  1. 3rd time writing this so. 2 1/2 maybe more months flowering. under 250 hps, and fox farm soil, and nutes. most hairs red 50-80%, trichs are milky, and some turning amber, some have red tops. i dont know when to harvest, i think it said 65 days, im pretty sure its been. and i just wanna get my fingers sticky, so what you think.

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  2. could deff go a little longer

  3. well i prefer my triches more milky than amber
    i mean i wait till amber is around maybe 30%

    ive found that the more amber it is the more narcotic the stone seems to be IMO
    cloudy is more of your upp high

    clip off a bud, dry it out and give it a test bowl

    nice ass plant tho man:hello:
  4. how much longer?
  5. Give it more time...white rhino should look white... I know it's hard...do likr the other guy said...just tale off a bud and try it.
  6. check the trichs on a week or 2 and deppending on how you like your high you should harvest based on the color. they look pretty clear right now, and your ratio of orange hairs to white should increase a bit more me thinks
  7. should i keep using plain water until then? ands some hairs on tip of main cola are damaged from pocket scope. i know its hard to see the pics, there are more red hairs, the flash made everything lighter. i will wait based on the fact its not to white, do you think it will get much frosty-er?
  8. yh
    especially ifu feed her ssum molasses
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    yes you should be giving it straight h20 from now on, i think it will probably get frostier looking over the next couple weeks but don't harvest based on that, do it by the color of the trichomes. of course i can only go by the pictures, go with your gut if you think otherwise
  10. ok, i feed her some molasses, but what is molasses supposed to do for her. I mixed 2 tbsp to 1 gal. water.

    will this increase my resin production or somthing, whats the deal with molasses?
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    Molasses feeds micro-organisms in your soil that in turn help the plant with nutrient uptake, or at least thats how I have come to understand it from GC forrums

    It also adds trace nutrients to the soil:N,P,and potash
  12. mollasses makes the buds swell a bit from my experience
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