White Rhino & OG Kush Cheap and Simple Closet T5 Scrog

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    Here's my first grow journal. I try to keep it as cheap and simple as possible. I've got a 4ft 8 bulb T-5 and a desk fan, and am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest in 5 gallon pots (the taller kind). I don't feed my plants anything but tap water until way into flowering and then only a weak solution of General Hydroponics Maxi-Grow ($15 bag will supply a continuous closet grow for several years).

    This grow is one White Rhino, and two OG Kush plants. The White Rhino has a two week head start, and was topped a while ago, the OG Kush were topped today, and today I put a scrog screen in at six inches. I keep the light very low to the screen (it's raised for the picture) and use a desk fan to keep hot air from building up.

    I have never grown these strains before. I planned on just growing the two OG Kush, and giving the White Rhino away, for better usage of space, but I can't find a taker. Anyone care to talk me into ditching the White Rhino (I can always get another seed)? Variety for variety's sake, or an orderly scrog?

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  3. Sorry, just attached picture.
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    Looking harried (and thirsty) under an unforgiving screen.
    Just gave em some tap water, and set the timer to 12/12. Goodnight plants.

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