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  1. Hey, I planted 2 White Rhino seeds on may 20th. since then The seeds sprouted rooted and I gave them 1/4 nutes on may 27th, how often do I give them nutes and how ofen should I change out water, I am growing in a bubbleponics system!
  2. Hey people I really need to know this question
  3. I suggest changing your water atleast every other week, but i recommened changing every week. For your nutes you should just add them when you change your water every week. Good luck with your white rhino

    Happy Growing
  4. Every 2 wks for change is good but on a daily basis refill bucket with ph'd water. Keep it topped off between changes. This will allow nutes to be present all the time but in low enough quantities so as not ruin your plants.
  5. I mix my nutes at 75% strength and use carbo blast full strength to get an EC of approx 15 (1000ish ppm). this allows for some of the water to be used up and not send the EC to high. I top it up every couple of days with ph 6.0 water. I change the nites every week.
    For seedling (clone) stage u can prob change every 2 wks and the plants dont use much water/nute.
    But once the get bigger and start to bud they suck the water back pretty quick. I have 11 plants put into 12/12 after just 4 days of veg and when they got big in like week 3 or 4 i have to add about 8 to 10 liters every other day. One thing i learned was to make sure u have at least 3 - 4 liters of nute available for each plant. If u dont have a large enough rez the plants will use up a lot of water in the course of a day or two and your nute strength will sky rocket very quickly. I initially had 16 liter rez for an 11 plant setup and once they got big the EC would rise to a dangerous level win two days. Less solution in the rez = less oxygen available to the roots.
  6. Dont think you should have added any nutes in the first two weeks of growth. And i would start with 1/4 the move up to 1/2 and then full strength. Adjust your nutes to how your plants respond.

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