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White residue in bag

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DavoRasta, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Just got some bomb dank, and notice as I transferred it to a glad tupperware that there was a white (?) film on the bag, were the one big bud was (the eighth was one big monster bud).

    I'm always paranoid about contamination with my weed (mold/mildew/nasty shit) and I'm super OCD about it.

    I don't think it was anything bad in this case (again I'm OCD about my weed, and look it over carefully and give it a good smell test), however I wanted to get to the mystery of this white film.

    Some clues that could help;

    This weed was "Untrimmed" as I like to call it in my layman's terms . Basically I mean that the buds had super long wirey hairs coming off of them, I heard these are normally trimmed. Apparently my dealer got this from a homegrower dude. I have seen this dudes shit before, and it was extra moist and sticky, mabey not dried or cured properly.


    My conclusion: this white film was residue from sticky kronic that was probably wetter than the normal, slightly drier kronic I see on a normal basis.

    Is that what is was?

    I await the pros opinions on this. Sorry about being OCD lol.

    Thanks :D
  2. It could just be thc dude lol. Really dank weed stains some baggies if it gets mashed in there.
  3. Lol yeah probably. Thanks.
  4. you really are ocd about your weed I thought I was
  5. I'm the HOWIE MANDEL of marijuana. I wash my hands before handling my pot even......:smoking:
  6. The weed could of been sprayed with pop (Sprite for example) and then frozen..

    Dealers and growers do this to add weight to their buds. You probably noticed some pop that came off the bud and was now left on the bag...

  7. so do I. Last thing needed is dirty buds or buds losing keif to dirty fingers...
  8. ive had this happen to weed that ive left in the bag to long. or just an old bag. the bag wont be clear, itl be kind of cloudy. dont worry bout it
  9. True.. but the OP said he could see pretty visible white streaks along the bag, which makes me come to the conclusion that the weed was sprayed.
  10. this ^.. I've gotten a few bags before taht has white residue on it and the shit was DANK so yea it's nothin to worry about unless somebody else used taht bag to store there coke in...
  11. it's probably just the crystals smearing around in the bag, if it's good stuff.

    there's some of that kind of in this pic
  12. idk ...looks like mold to me.
  13. what is that guy talking about ^
  14. Dude, white residue is like the best strain.

    It was named to mean like 'whats left when the white widow has come and gone'

    It's already the most popular strain in Yemen.

    And you got it in a convenient bag too. You did good.
  15. i bought the last few grams of skunk off my guy and he gave me the big bag and it was full of white hairs (is there any thing that be gained from it?)
  16. low quality crack can leave white residue on the bag but i doubt it was that unless your dealer also sells crack and accidentally grabbed a used bag
  17. A friend of a friend has said they've also seen some residue on the plastic baggy after transferring to another container. The herb is "Afgoo" and it's super sticky, really sparkly with crystals.

    Is it possible that the resin glans have 'smooshed' up against the plastic bag and caused this sticky residue to remain? There are many many crystals and it's very sticky herb but almost suspiciously sticky. Is there any way to tell if it's been sprayed with soda pop? If not, is it especially bad for one's health to inhale burnt sugar? Shisha is covered in molasses, after all.

    It's kind of an opaque residue (not quite white) intermittently spread throughout in the inside of the bag where the herb was wrapped, with sporadically appearing trichome-looking crystals "melted" onto the bag... i.e. they won't scrape off with a fingernail.
  18. its definitely some crack

    I highly doubt someone sprayed it with soda.

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