White residue/Ashy leaves

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  1. IMG_3773.JPG IMG_3774.JPG IMG_3775.JPG IMG_3776.JPG Any idea on what this means or am I just tripping? New grower here growing 4 different strains under 1200w LED 32'' away, 10 day old seedlings. Last water was yesterday, added 2 tbsp root stimulator(0.1-0-1.0) and 2ml of super thrive(0.5-0-0) to gallon of oxygenated tap water, runoff was 6.5pH (Was concerned about overwatering due to transplanting all 4 Friday afternoon.
  2. way too much BS to be feeding it so soon and you let that wet the leaves then it dried giving you that look...back off all the nutes and cleanse the leaves with regular water.


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  3. My transplant didn't go good so I was concerned about the roots but definitely will lay off the nutes! Thank you for your bluntness lol and cleanse the leaves as in? Spraying with water?
  4. Kinda looks like hard-water to me, also, chill with the nutes. Peace.
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  5. Thanks!

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