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white powdery stuff on leaves(not tricromes)

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kevdawg, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. hi all happy holidays from northern california. well to my question. i have a 400w hydro closet system,im 2-4 weeks away from harvest time. i have been getting a white powder type condition on 3 of 4 of my plants. it mostly lower leaves and it doesnt seem to harm the leaves. and the plants seem healthy otherwise. i have plenty of white goo on my flowers! but this stuff is different, its powdery not as smelly as the stuff on the flowers its scaring me! i have 2 fans that come on and wondered if its just stuff blowing around in the grow area(i have a real clean room.no pets) ? if i touch a leaf that has the white stuff it, will wipe off easy. i trimmed most fans down so buds(with are many) get max light the last few weeks. I have spent 3+ months on this my first real grow, and i am happy with yeald/ease of the project. but this (problem) has happened slowly over the last few weeks and is getting toward the upper flowers and colas. anybody else seen this before? looks like powdered sugar or something? if its a good thing let me know that too! im just new at this and want to do it right.
    i worship the godess!
    please help.i can send pics if that will help

    kevdawg medical used in northern california
  2. i think its powdery mold? a light condition of real dry/powdery mold not a killer but needs to be controlled. i hear sulfer works good. anyone know what product might work?

    kevdog<~~~not as scared as before its not a plant killer
  3. HIGH All, yes it is....good one on finding out what it is. Here's some great info for you to read...hope it helps.
  4. dude its powderey mildew, pretty easy to contain got a spqy / wash for them ok in like 24 hours almost back to normal after 5 days!
    thanks but no one helped me wahhhhh wahhhh
    im not sharing my secret mec\dical garden with you then so there!

    lol kevdog
    happy new year from 'medical use tolerant' northern california!
    happy and stoney 2005 to you all

  5. yes one can just wash the leaves but that is only part of your problem. chuck this grow up to learning. ur too close to not let them grow out, tho the product may not be what u wanted.

    powdery mildew is everywhere and there is no way to distroy it. frankly, you wouldnt want to distroy it because it is one of the major decomposers and we would be living in shit if not for them.

    the reason you got PM is either 1 of 4 things; too close/lack of airflow, too wet, too dirty or not enough light. certainly there could be a combo of reasons.

    clean ur room and keep it clean, give them more space and airflow, only water the soil and never the leaves. maybe buy urself some store bought soil until you get a handle on the problem instead of compost/outside dirt. never compost your MJ leaves and use that. remove all leaf litter. these small measures should prevent PM into the future.
  6. hey froggie,
    thanks for the info. i went to two hydro shops, asked around a bit i got this 'rose defense' by 'green light' stuff with neem oil? mixed a batch sprayed it downlow where the white stuff is(was).
    when i discovered it, i pulled out my hydro table and sweep up, mopped, and trimmed all the fan leaves i could down below with the mildew. boxed them and tossed them. i got the spray next day, washed them down(two hours before the light came on) turned on big fan,shook'em and waited 24 hours or so. most of the bad smell was gone, back to smelling like green! i use a +ionizer and it helps , most unhealth parts of plant either clean or gone(picked)
    no real pm on flowers or colas.
    the hydro store guy said do it twice in a week then wash down with pure water 2-3 days before harvest(next week or 2) so if i made it that far and i carefully trim can i save any of it? they are freaking beautiful, well devolped and crystalize big time. 4 types, all from a medical co-op. 16" colas X 12 + many many lower well developed flowers.

    so basicaly im asking will i be able to smoke it? its all for me. i buy at medical clubs in bay area california, quite costly too! i need a few months of free medicine, do you think it will deteriorate when it cures? or be harsh/unhealthy?

    anyway thanks for your time, i like to respond so i can let you know that you did help me!

    kevdog happy new year for nor cal!
  7. Hey Froggy, Let Me Know What You Think, I Think Your And Expert! Are You From The Great White North!

    Kevdog<~~1-2 Weeks Away From Harvest
  8. PM is a sympton, not an end.

    if u did everything that u said u did, it should be more than fine.

    make sure they are not packed in too tight and that a nice breeze is flowing around the plants.

    by the way, Neem is some good stuff but im not sure that its a fungicide. its a plant from India that has alot of anti-everything sort of quality but ive never heard it being a solution to PM, tho i could easily be wrong. again, neem is some good stuff and one wont go wrong using it. indians have used it for everything from brushing their teeth to insecticide on the fields for many years.

    i think u have fixed ur problem.

    lastly, here is an article i picked off the net. im not a huge Ed fan but he mentions neem as a PM cure. again im a bit skeptical but i think its worth a try. i notice in his article that he never once mentions the stuff i did in my first message which are the real causes of PM.


  9. HIGH All, yes he is and we don't say it enough..I would Also like to Thank Froggy!!!!
  10. Mold or mites... find some FAQs there around.

    Also trichromes are basically sunblock for a growing seedling so you'll rarely see it on fan leaves unless the breeding calls for it (ie. some insane kush/widow/ak47 crossed strain).

    Funny how we prize a plants natural reaction to intense conditions an light over every cell in it's being...

    So basically people are in jail for trying to sell herbal sunblock... haha...funny shit..
  11. :smoke: hey thanks again everyone for your help. i harvested the crop and with 4 plants i got 10 oz's! all divided to bags of each kind. all colas never got the PM. i keep all seperate the smaller buds and lower ones did get some PM but i thinkit was treated, i trimmed close any gray looking peices and threw out anything with gray dead PM on it. still for my first real grow i thinkit was worth it. 10 oz's is a good start for next time. i went 7 weeks flowering, except for th PM at the end it was easy and fun. i used the 20 mins a day program. in my zen garden. i did the light on at night when i was home, off all day in the closet when i was gone. it really worked fo me, with the help of the 'net and all you nice helpful folks(yeah u froggie:wave: ) i made it. it mostly smells great some lingering stanky smell(i tried orange peel) but over all good smoke and no more cannibus clubs for me for a while ! save money grow your own medicine!
    i got 6 months worth for $400 and next time it will be MORE like FREE!!

    aighhhhht then!
  12. Sry Froggy, but i thought that the Neem plant was indiginous to the rainforest of south america. Just prolly a mix up and my ass is too stoned to look it up. But no the neem plant isnt a fungicide. it is however an anti infectious plant. so if you ever get a nice infection on your arm, boil some neem plant down and make it into a nice paste, it will be gone in less than 5 mins. Jsut make into a paste, and rub on wash off in 5 mins :) gotta love safari books :)
  13. its em mites homie........or not enuff sunlight i would think.............

    or youre not givin it the right minerals an' chemicals an' shit.........

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