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White powder on leaves! need help! pics included

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by blckninja636, Feb 26, 2009.

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    So i noticed some white powdery substance on leaves. I rubbed some of the leaves clean but it came back.

    Is this a fungus?

    Should i Just trash this plant so it doesnt affect my other plants?

    or if its fixable, how so?

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  2. You have powder mold. I have dealt with this a lot in the past because I grew Maui Wawi which is very suseptable to powder mold. If your plant is past week four of bloom seperate the infected plant so it doesn't affect your healthy plants. There is nothing you can do to fix the problem once you have gone past week four of bloom. If you haven't past that point you can go to any grow store and buy mildew cures, most work well. It is vital that you spray the entire plant with the mold cure(both sides of the leaves) IN THE DARK. I have even made a large mixture in a clean trash can and fully dipped my plants in mildew cure. If you don't want to spend any money, I have friends that swear by baking soda and water. Mix baking soda and water in a spray bottle and foliar spray as usual. They say this has cured their powder mold in the past. Hope this helps. I have successfully beat powder mold, good luck to you...
  3. Awesome ! I couldnt have asked for a better response! Thank you
  4. I'm sorry, WHY in the dark?
  5. cuz if you spray them with the light on they will burn. you shouldnt spray plants with anything with the lights on
  6. It looks like a classic case of Powdery Mildew.

    Unfortunately I have a fair bit of experience dealing with the dreaded spore and have come up with a few discoveries.

    If you are still in vege or the first 10 days of bloom then sulfur burning is yoour best option as its one of the few actual fungicides that treats the PM systemically. Many of the other cures are just fungistats that will help keep the PM at bay but will not completely remove the infection from your plants.

    If you are more than two weeks in then I strongly suggest the Milk Cure. Mix 1 to 3 low fat milk and water with just a few drops of dish soap. The old school thought was to never spray with the lights on to avoid burn. After much trial I can totally debunk this myth and recommend spraying under full light to avoid humidity issues (which leads to increased PM issues). I have done dozens of foliar sprays under full light multiple 1000w HPS and have never had a bit of burn from it.

    Because the milk is organic and leaves very little residue its safe to do aggressive sprays up until a week or so from harvest.

    One thing I can absolutely assure is that left untreated the PM will spread and eventually all but destroy your crop.
  7. meltatox 2ml per 1 litre 1 spray and its gone.. this is the only shit that works and works well. i have humidity issues and had 70 percent of my crop infected.. been 2 weeks and hasnt returned..
  8. Thanks Duckhead,
    I have always wondered if it was actually true that foliar spraying in the light would burn my plants. I was told not to and just didn't want to take the chance. I never had the balls to see for myself, so thanks man. I have tried sulfer and if black ninja doesn't know what he is doing he can seriously hurt the plants. I lile your milk, water, dishsoap idea for fighting the fungi in bloom thanks for the tips...
  9. TIP:

    turn off your fans and whatever you do dont remove leaves or mess around with the plants or you'll spread it to every plant

    it only takes one spore to transfer Powdery Mildew to another plant
  10. [quote name='blckninja636']So i noticed some white powdery substance on leaves. I rubbed some of the leaves clean but it came back.

    I`m gonna try milk as I`m 3 weeks in,just started pm, very minor for now. Hope i get it in back in a week with update
  11. a spray with bordeaux mixture will help this Its copper sulfate.They use it on grapes and fruit trees look for it at the nursery supply.Or at the local feed store.
  12. 5 days in and no return of p.m. All good with lights on.turn off fans so not to get mist on H.P.S.
  13. I have never heard of using milk before.Keep us updated at like 5 day intervals for another week or so.I would use this even outside on stuff if it works well.Its always good to learn of a more natural remedy.The copper sulphate is a fairly natural mixture ...but then again so is uranium LOL.
  14. yep
    still good, no p m on any of the kids. Milk solution seems to be great.. I remember hearing about some soil that works to prevent p m . Ring a bell or was it b.s
  15. :smoking:well,ready to harvest and no p.m,happy daze
  16. hello! I'm growing outdoor, having the same white powder on one of my plants... Gonna try the milk cure! thanks for the tip!!
  17. btw, I forgot to ask: what do you mean by aggressive sprays? how much, how often? I sprayed it once, and the powder already doens't show anymore, maybe just because it was washed away...
  18. I`d do it once more an see how it looks,really worked good. Mine never came back back but I think I did it about 4 times to make sure..good luck
  19. oohh.just noticed you are outside,I was indoors.Don`t think that would make a diff. jus noticing
    btw, im outdoors now

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