White Owl Cigarillos

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    Alright Grasscity, this is my first post and I decided to skip the intro and thought why not start off with my toking tool which is the blunt. I've only used four different types of blunt wrapping: philly blunts, swisher sweet cigarillos, royal blunt wraps, and of course white owl cigarillos.

    Also how I roll it, http://forum.grasscity.com/toking-tools/603020-how-beginner-rolls-white-owl-skimp-blunt.html

    Okay so White Owl Cigarillos aren't very different from other rillos. Separately packaged, it comes wrapped in an aluminum casing. I mainly prefer grapes and is really good.

    The Cigarillo cracks open with good licking. Closing the leafs are fairly easy as well. When filling up the blunt, as a beginner roller i found it to be fairly hard with too much weed.

    In the end while smoking the blunt it burned very crisp like, and the grape flavor was really good. I saw no runs on the end so continued to hit it.

    So imo its a really good blunt wrapping and grape white owls are currently my fav next to blueberry royal wraps.
  2. white owls are decent, and it looks like you rolled it well. but if you want to test your skills you should look into scrolling dutch masters or game cigarillos. their tasty:yummy:
  3. i think these are just as good as the wine swisha sweet :) or mint optimos :):hello:
  4. the white grapes are where its at..

    We get them foil 2 packs by the dozen..
  5. I just smoked two blunts using grape white owls, they were pretty good. They rolled nice and smoked better. Me personally i always like to use white owls and use swishers from time from time lol :smoke:,
  6. when i lived in sc everyone used white grape bleez wraps
  7. yep, white owls are pretty damn good, the only thing i dislike about them is the cancer paper. it's a small inconvenience to have to remove it

    GAMES are the shit!
  8. i roll blunts on the reg..i mean just quite frequently honestly..and i can not roll with a GAME ...i've used Swisher Sweets, White Owls, Dutch Masters, Philly Blunts, Zig Zag Blunt Wraps, and probably lots of other wraps and cigars i cant think of..but i can't roll with games..its like a curse or some shit
  9. Thats funny man sorry about that curse though. All I roll is usually games. Green or peach :D
  10. At school all i roll are white owls, i can fit just about 1.3 in it now lol but thats only for special occasions. A little bit harsher than dutches or game but the flavor makes up for it...peeeacchh <3
  11. strange, i find game's pretty easy to roll and better due to the extra inch or so of length:cool:
  12. White Grape White Owls FTW!!!!!!!!

    And we get 'em in a triple pack for $2.25 in KY

  13. yeah you know everyone loves a grape rillo in sc
  14. Game Greens. Good God. Crack open that foil and it's a rush of some smell you've never smelled before.

  15. guess i did roll it up good and thats while high, and i ain't good with game rillos but i can do a dutch.
  16. vanilla dutch rillos or backwoods burn the smoothest and slowest, get more out your blunt. Take the time test urself. I rolled up a big dutch master, put like a dub in it though, with 5 heads 45 mins.

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