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white owl cigarillos

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eastbayjordan, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. anyone that say there good fuck you they taste like shit just smoked one with some blueberry headband and it sucked going to break up the other one and roll it in a zigzag blunt wrap
  2. Cool? Don't really give a fuck dude.
  3. you have to get white grape
  4. smoking pleasure without tobacco involved is sooo so much more wonderful.

    fuck blunts.
    they are only hurting you.
  5. white grape white owls or green sweets. yum
  6. Game blunts!

  7. That's just, like, your opinion man.
  8. that was just unnecessary

  9. Not really. OP was being a little puss pants about it in the first place. I like white owls. So he just said "fuck you" to me and everyone else that likes them.
  10. It's hard to go from blunts to any other form of smoking... There's an art to a blunt even though it is tobacco which sucks!
  11. Yeah well so is fast food, chem trails, cigs, alcohol, and meth.
  12. Have you tried dabbing yet lol?

    Once you dab you never go back
  13. I like white owls, not givin a fuck
  14. white owls , games, garcias, swishers, phillies, fuck it lets pearl em all
  15. Why are you even rolling dank into blunts?
  16. [quote name='"jeffadamski93"']Why are you even rolling dank into blunts?[/quote]

    Here we go..
  17. [quote name='"jeffadamski93"']Why are you even rolling dank into blunts?[/quote]

    Maybe he likes blunts? It's not your weed.
  18. Money to blow

  19. what is this?

  20. its a nice 3-4 hour high for me is why but i do think about my health in the long run with the blunt wraps

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