White Owl Blunts, who rolls em like me?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by All Indie, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I don't know how ya'll roll your white owls, but after i cut it and dump it i take the outer leaf (or leaves) off, roll that sucker up... then roll the leaves back on just like i would with a dutch/game. Now, i know alot of people just gut it, and roll it up with the leaf still on... but ive been rolling white owls for a long time and they burn for a good 15-20 min with my method.

    Just interested in seeing who here rolls the same. feel free to post some pics, i certainly will next time i grab a white owl
  2. i do the same. My blunt got ppl feeling like they were leaving their bodies... good shit.
  3. i do the same.
    some of my friends dont tho and you can see the smoke coming from the outer leaf..
  4. I just crack a white owl and roll it up, nice and clean, burns 15-20, u cant even tell the leaves werent taken off.

    whats the point of taking the outer leaves off once u already split it...cosmetics? or is it too hard 4u to keep the leaves on while twisting it up?
  5. Yea I usually roll white owl blunts that way bro. Unless I'm being lazy.
  6. I have been recently rollin Green Games like a dutchies always fresh:D
  7. thats exactly how i do it too, but rarely roll white owls, even though they burn so slowly and taste amazing as well. i only use them when it is a personal blunt to the face, grape and peach are both bomb.
  8. i usually split white owls, the outer leaf does fall off easily though. i only leaf dutches/games/other natural leaf blunts.

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