White Owl Blunts -Trick to Rolling?

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    So tommorow I`m going to an Amusement Park for a Senior Trip. The crew and I agreed on for the occasion to roll something special. So I picked up two White Owls, and a Swisha Sweet.

    I consider everyone I smoke with pretty "Seasoned Rollers" with Dutchmasters and Phillies no problem.

    The Swisha rolled beautiful, and with ease...as usual

    However, both my friend and I had some trouble with rolling a beautiful blunt out of these White Owls. Being unfamiliar with the proper method; like if you roll the outer leaf like a Dutch or just break it down the middle and roll it up. Well, I tried the outer leaf method and it just wasn't as promising. It rolled up, got a fat blizzy out of it... but not as perfect as usual.

    So you vets to White Owl's gimme some info on your methods. Cuz the Dutch and Phillie are getting boring over here in Jerzy, I`m ready to roll something else.

  2. I stick with the sweets (they roll nicely, even I could at one point roll with them). I've yet to see someone roll a good blunt with a White owls (I've seen people only roll smokeable blunts with them).
  3. I don't know why you'd roll the outer leaf on a dutch, around here the good rollers use the inner leaf only, I hate the outer leaf, only if you need to patch something, the last time Ive seen anyone patch tho I can't even remember.
  4. if you roll the tobacco out of a white owl cigarillo you can stuff it with like 2.5-3g.

    i usually cut off the mouth side. then roll the tobacco out. put a filter on one end of the blunt, and just stuff it until it looks like what you just rolled out.

    they smoke wonderfully.
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  5. Make sure its pretty moist then split it down the middle. Don't remove the leaf. Make sure the inner part and the outer leaf stay together and just roll it up like a joint, it helps to kind of lick it down as you get closer to sealing it. Your tongue and fingers should work simultaneously to seal it together. I personally like to use the white owls that come in tubes because they are usually fresher and are in better condition, the ones that are in plastic are occasionally stale and can be really hard to work with. Sorry if that didn't make a whole lot of sense i tried my best.
  6. idiots
    dutch's have a cancer leaf on the outside
    well white owls dont
    all you do is split everything
    lick so that the leaves done come a part
    and roll
    i believe white owls are the easiest to roll with and smoke the best
    i never go with a swisher just cuz tehy are to harsh
    im a white owl, philly, dutch guy
  7. Sirsmokealot is correct

    jus finished skillin one...got me good
  8. If i'm smokin a dutch i'll re-wrap it but with a white owl i just bust em down nothing special to a white owl IMO.
  9. White Owls are the easiest to roll...Just crack with your thumbs and lick the edges of the blunt shut, then roll.
  10. yeah just break it down and seal the edges with yo' tongue n' roll it up.
  11. vanilla white owls are the shit. Just do what every one else said, they are the easiest to roll
  12. White owl vanilla are the best IMO if they aren't fresh just throw them out and get new ones. For theme parks I like to get a pack of black and milds mix some of them 1/2 weed 1/2 filler, and use in the smoking sections of the park with no one the wiser.
  13. those owls are hard to roll im telling you i usually stick to cigerallos and swishas
  14. dont fuck with blunt that use paper man... use actual leaves. Backwoods r good n cheap too.
  15. dont think of it as any different technique to any other blunt. Just be extra careful since ur not used to this blunt.
  16. wise words
  17. You can also try Game's. The green Game's are my favorite to roll with.
  18. Actually peach optimos r the easiest 2 roll out here in Cali...but swishers if u get one fresh r easy as well...white owls r always stale 2 me...never got a good blunt frm 1...
  19. You guys do realize how old this post is right? lol did not expect to see this one on the first page.

    Anyway as far as White Owls go, you just crack them or cut them down the middle; then roll up. Smoking on a Peach Blunt Wrap right now, less harsh than Dutches or anything else.
  20. grab ya owl
    lick it down, make it nice nd moist
    use a razor to cut the shit down the middle or w/e
    gut it
    fill it with dat piff
    roll it up
    seal it with your tounge
    cook it a bit

    then get cooked by it....a bit......:smoking:

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