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White mold on top of soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by david21216, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. My babies arent even a week old and i came home and there was a white looking mild on the top of some of the soil so i removed it by hand. Was wondering what this could be and why it could be and if i need to buy a fungicide. I am using straight cocoa fiber in the standard solo cups where they started from seedlings i know I should of used smaller, Im thinking because the water stayed in so long because there was so much soil and not many roots that this would cause the white mold. Curios and In need of advice. O and no nutrients yet.
  2. Can someone give me some kind of idea please:confused:
  3. with out pictures its hard to say. Most likely fungal growth of some kind weather that be mold or mycelium.
  4. ooh mycelium hope for the best kind...Nah thats just some mold growin on the top of your soil...It really wont hurt much unless it gets out of hand. Mold and algae sometime grows on the top of the substrate. Just keep it under control I wouldnt go dumping fungicide into your root mass and substrate just seems like a no-no
  5. i had the same thing and it killed my plants was caused by high humidity
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    time to invest in dehumidifier i guess? it does feel muggy in their i just want to make sure this is the problem and i have 0 money so if it is any ideas on how to lower humidity without spending money
  7. Well get a humidity gauge mane. They sell this shit I think its call deccicant(sp) something along those lines its like a powder or gel or something they use when painting rooms and shit it sucks the moisture out of the room, they use it to dry shrooms too...Um but in the long run a dehumidifier would be cheaper they are cheap anyways.
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    i did some research and it looks exactly like mycelium so is this a problem and if so what shud i do and how the hell did it even get in there doesnt make sense just used pure cocoa fiber any ideas?
  9. Any ideas people never encountered this.
  10. There is a large chance that it could be completely benign.
  11. That stuff is a killer! It will suck/leach the nutriants out of the plant and growing media. I think that I read that you scraped it off, that's good. That will not get rid of it though. Who knows where the spores came from. They could have easily come from anywhere, that does not matter right now. You should wash your entire grow room and all in it to get rid of the spores. Just wipe it all down. Now you need to transplant as soon as you can. This is where the problems come in. You said that you used Coco Plugs. That means that your plants are young. At about 2 weeks of age your roots should be ready for you to transplant. When you transplant you may allow some room temp water to run over your stem roots and all to wash off any spores (if you are transplanting in to hydro, I do not think this is needed.) Be careful this is when you could hurt the roots or shock the plant into death so use discretion. Get rid of the used Coco plugs in a trash bag, they are infected with thos spores. You can recover from this easy but the mold stunts the growth of your plants and will ultimately kill your plants.

    I am sure that there are products out there that you could purchase. Maybe they will work, maybe they will kill your plants. Right now your plants are young and can not handle much, so if you have roots then just clean everything and transplant.
  12. Are you sure it's a mold problem? What are your humidity levels like? Have you been feeding nutes already? I get something like that time to time. In my case it's not mold though, it's salt buildup from the nutrients. You should put up a pic.
  13. Good lookin Ironlung, that never entered my mind, but ya.
  14. I just scrapped it off again I am worried it may be to early to use perioxide, I will put pics up later tonite as it seems to come back very quick I did use one watering with nutrients it was only 3/4 of a ML for a gallon. I noticed today when scrapping some of them look like little crystals but when they are on top of the soil appear to be mold to me. I just gave them water yesterday till it came out of the bottom. Hopefully pics will be up asap.
  15. GREAT news folks after extensive research and talking to my hyrdo store I have found out it is a beneficial bacteria growth that sometimes will show on the top of your soil with coco fiber soil. It promotes strong root growth and contributes in other ways only to better your plant. I just have never seen it with the coco fiber. :hello: Once i get a camera I will show you my babies they are looking amazing for being less than a week old since sprouting above ground!!!:smoke:

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