White mold on plants,3 weeks flowering

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  1. I just noticed this mold growing on my leaves.not much but it has gotten worse in the past 2 days.It got cold in my room down to 60' at night.lots of ventilation though and i am growing in a large grow tent.Which is the best and safest way to get rid of it since im 3 weeks into flowering.:confused:

  2. anyone ?? plzzzz
  3. sounds like powdery mildew. yer not gonna like my answer for what you should do.
  4. And what might that be?
  5. Go get some pm wash and power wash made by npk....its like 20bucks for 1qt of ea....its awsome stuff my friend.....put it in a spray bottle and spray um down a hr b4 the light comes on for a day or 2 its made to go no deluting pm wash is power mold wash and power wash is to clean what's left away...use the pm wash a few times then use the power don't pm power pm power...pm next day pm next day pm...2days later power wash...have other questions bout it pm me...awsome shit...o and get a lil 20dollar space heater from walmart while there on cleearance so don't get so cold at nite
  6. Btw its 99.9% water...is that safe enough for u??? Its got a frequancy that just basicly electrocutes shit...also make mighty wash for mites....zaps eggs as well...all 3 products are safe to use up to the day B4 HARVEST...and if the mold is not to bad. Just cut the leaves that's infected so u can get the shit off there...id still pm wash to b safe no more spores are lingeringen around. ;-)
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    Stab your self in the face with a soldering iron... its the easiest way.


    srs, it keeps coming back... "killing it" is usually just killing the visible part, which is the spores, This will keep it from spreading... which is good.

    Any time the environment is right, it will pop up again...
    It like high humidity, large temperature changes, still air and dark.
    Shaded areas will be prone to attack, as will areas up against walls or other obstacles to air flow. You want a fan moving the air in the room all the time, all the air...
    EXCEPT WHEN YOU HAVE POWDERY MILDEW. Then you want to stop air flow as much as possible. The fluffy white powder is spores that can be disturbed and spread to other parts of the plant.

    The safest thing to do is remove the infected area (Cutting off a bunch of leafs is hard... watching that shit spread all over is harder). If you leave the infected leafs it will pop up again when conditions become favorable, and then spread. It then becomes a balance between waiting until proper harvest time and managing the powdery mildew to save as much bud as you can.


    Neem oil works to treat it, but strips trichomes off the leafs. There are a lot of treatments on google, its a fairly big problem... even outside the cannabis world.

  8. Thank you my friend,I tried it and it does seem to be working ok.I think i got my room too cold at night .Thats when I noticed it.Keeping the room warmer at night and trying to stay on top of it.:hello:
  9. Thank you WHODIS,
    Ur pic is exactly what I got.I seem to got it under comtrol but your right I think it may be a forever battle.Im harvesting soon and will have to clean up my room.If it aint the mold its them damn spider mites.Thank god for lady bugs.lol

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