White lsd grow (Ice & a few others to!)

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  1. Hello! I am finally opening my "white garden" journal. My signiture has my first grow, which is still in flower. Having the capability to have one veg room, and another for flowering, i germinated my feminized White lsd seeds and ice seeds from www.marijuana-seeds.nl .

    I also went ahead and threw down a few white widoow seeds, because since i had these seeds sitting around and will never use other than this time, so this is my second, "white" grow. I also know white widow is in both of these strains genetics (not this particular strain of white widow -but they are very high quality seeds i obtained from a trusted surce a while ago.)

    I also got a handful of Sugar Bubba OG and am germinating a few as i plan on taking one or two females in if i get any. I took three of the former seeds, one was germinated a few weeks ago and is already showing preflowers that i am pretty sure will be female.

    My journal will be updated with pictures at least once a week. As many might know , my current journal for the flowering is a very specific and descriptive journal, and was/is my first grow. This being the second, I will be making the entries a little different. Feel free to pm me anytime...i like to pop in here on gc in the morning!

    Veg room with 400watt ceramic metal halide. Plan on keeping under this spectrum for most of veg. Ice plant may need to flower sooner (read it finishes fast )but each strain will be veg and flower as it needs, not just "8 weeks and done".

    Flower room: two 400watt ballasts, both now upgraded to hortilux Super HPS EYE bulbs. One moving ceiling track for one light to slowley travel and cover parts that normally are not...this particular light on the track has a generic run of the mill "winged " metal reflector with the metal that appears to be "hammered".
    Other reflector is stationary, encloses bulb in tempered glass, cleaned once a week, and has either grates on each side to vent air or you can take them off. Mine have been taken off and ductinng has been attached for cooling and to take the hot ait out of the light.

    This grow the seeds germinated, ALL withiin 24 hours of being put in fox farm's light warrior, and yesterday were transplanted into a mixture of one and a half part fox farms happy frog,one part ocean forest,and half part coco coir added. This first grow in flowering is in undiluted ocean forest. I love the soil, and already got a few grams over three ounces on two autos, and i can taste the benefit of this soil, however, it is very "hot" and a month ago lost an entire batch of northern lights to this as the seedlings just seemed to burn as soon as they touched it.

    No perlite or anything is needed. I have never ever had anything but instant and even drainage from this brand soils and i figure if i am going to order these neat strains i might as well give them undiluted soil. I added coco as it is supposed to hold nutrients well..

    As for nutrients, i am usiing fox farms (suprise right lol) full line except the bush doctor nutes. The micro herd or their "micro brew" is also available in a local form the grow shop and they also have a catalyst like fox farms "kangaroots" that essentially works like molasses, with natural carbohydrates and encourages a lot of root zone activity and i thought this would be perfect for germinated seedlings and they have developed massive roots- they are wild and going everywhere, down to the bottom of the pot though the leaves have not even had their full first set yet!

    I also use fox farms granular line (open sesame,beastie bloomz,cha ching). I am using cos i used wiith wonderful results this last time and there is NO chemical taste to the end product, but i flush starting two weeks before i want to harvest. It may seem like a lot of nutrients (big bloom,grow big, tiger bloom, open sesame, beastie bllomz,cha ching, root roids, hydrobact) but three of them , big bloom, hydrobact, and the root roids, although helping the plant of course, are really soil conditioners. It replaces the blackstrap unsulphered molasses and it does renew the soil i noticed a huge difference after the first use.

    Grow room size- i have to havge my husband measurre it lol but can accomodate up to 10 plants. The room is a completely seperate constructed room very similar to the one constructed in jorge cervantes ultimate grow dvd but is made to expand as lights are added.

    I wanted to get this open, i have seen a LOT of ppls here curious about the White lsd strain and when i saw it the first time i waanted it but to be honest it scareds me a little with the name haha! I also am really looking forward to the Ice as i found i really like the hash taste and it is said to taste like this!

    I have been out for anniversary and will be back at the end of the week and will have lots of pics...from beginning to current!

    All water is reverse osmois filtered and bought once a week at the local grocery store in five gallon jugs.


    Obviously soil..but i dont know what this is called but i tried tying the plants down and topping them this first one and the effects are very nice. I plan on topping one ice, and one white lsd, and leaving the other ones (am only doing 2 or so of each i like to have small amounts of GOOD quality for My own use)-however ALL are gonna be tied down and modified or trimmed to increase yield. If you look in my first journal you will see what i mean.:)
    Pics otw!
  2. A few pics of the seedlings the day they sprouted. This was about three days ago.. more tomorrow as they have been transplanted!

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  3. Ok so the plants are beginning to be unique instead of the seedling look.. although they are in the sub seedling stage of course... all have been transplanted now to bigger pots. I really like the results of the ocean forest/happy frog/coco coir mix..it retains moisture a LOT better and when I went to transplant, this was before a watering was due, the consistency of the dirt when I tapped the bottom of the pt to get it out was like a literal sponge. The entire pot, all of them, were covered from top to bottom in roots and they were like a webbing. You could actually "poke" the dirt after they were out and the entire hing had no trouble staying together.. The transplants went great.

    I am very suprised at the white widows and am wondering if anyone reading this can tell me if them having HUGE leafs is a general trait? I am aware there are probably countless takes on WW, and it has the same trademark "icy" or white stem as the White lsd and Ice, and the green color is also VERY similar to that of the white Lsd, which is almost a lime green...

    Anyways, here are some pics. I also have 4 easyryders going however those are in my first grow journal as I started that strain in the journal so I will just keep it in there, but they are great plants, already one has been topped.

    Just a note- the ww are growing faster than any mj strain or seed I have seen grow so far. My husband seen it and wondered if it was even mj at first but it obviously is it is just the leaves are huge...

    The white lsd look like they are going to be very good plants.. they are all coming up very fast and uniform, as are the ice. There is one ice seed that germinated two or so days behind all the others, and you will see which one it is as it is the smaller one and appears to be having a little struggle under the light, but it is definetly growing, and will get over this... but just in case I have a spare seed that is why I never would plant all five at once.. if something fucks up I can just redo it then...

    The Ice plant also has some very interesting leaf traits.. it is a symmetrical difference, so both leafs on opposite ends have it but they skip a "serration" and are completely smooth on the end and rounded and it turns up. This is just the first set on one of the plants, the other ones look fine though.

    edit- I went to upload and the next post is the White Lsd pics this is the three seperate ice pictures. The picture, such as the first, which depicts a pot with a label on it, like "ice 1" is there so that you know all consecutive pictures after that are of the Ice 1 plant. When start on another plant, you will see another shot of a labelled pot "ice 2" etc. ( some ppl got confused as to which plant they were looking at as they are not all labelled but this is easier to follow.. )

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  4. And here are the White Lsd pics and possibly some WW if I can get them in otherwise they will be in the NEXT post!:smoking:

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  5. And here are the white widows. Also I noticed I only had two seeds going in the beginning, I figured three will really be better in case one dies or something happens then I will at least have two!

    Also, since one of the white widows died, the #3, it obviously isnt in there..

    I was really happy I did it when I went to water when they were all in light warrior still and it was like a day too dry but just that one day made the light warrior choke the plants... two of them , the white widow3 and the sugar bubba 2 were basically choked right in the middle because the medium was baked on from the light... besidfes this the cerAMIC metal halide DOES run a LOT hotter than a regular hps... much brighter and hotter it is a lot easier to burn the plants, which is why I am trying to be mindful this time about the ice that germinated later as I experienced this type of heat stress with one of my first autos on my other journal, and although it did not seem to effect yield ( little over an ounce and had the smallest pheno possible) I hate the look and feel of heat stressed leaves... Anyways here these are.. their leaves look very unique to me and I am wondering if anyone here has seen white widows like this?

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  6. Sorry for having to make so many of these posts here are the rest i hope!@

    Ok so that was the rest here is another pic of the white color of the stem and one of the easyryders

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  7. Updated wlsd and ice!! Doing great so far...

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  8. looking good! i have 17 w. lsd fems going, this strain is a monster!
  9. Love it! Check mine out!
  10. I will post some pics later, I can't wait to see what they look like flowering
  11. omg you guys ok this strain is DEFINETLY worth the money....

    I know I talked to a person who will remain anon on here unless they want to comment, but they are growing this strain in hydro. I thinkt hey had toldme about a week and a half ago the plants were a few feet tall.

    Well today I just didnt know what to do I opened the veg room and I am NOT kidding AT ALL, the white lsd plant is over 3 feet tall aside from the pot, where it starts on the top of the dirt, and thety have been preflowering for weeks now. The ICE plants are just as tall and tyhe funny thing is the tallest white lsd is the topped on... I FIM and have three main colas. On the ICe I topped I have two main colas the right way and then topped the sub cola and it is growing taller than the other ones. They are going nuts. I need room in the veg room because I want to lay down some golden nugget seeds and NYCD seeds with a bubblegum so I can harvest every month eventually like a few types if my math handicapped brain can ever wrap around how often I need to lay down these seeds. I can have up to like 15 plants in there but I WANT to have only like 5 or so at most cos they will get SO MUCH light.

    I Am seeing a HUGE difference now in the easyryders who share the veg room with the other plants than the easyryders I had 2 months ago in the flower room and they had their own lamp . They are about half the size, and looklike they do now on the page I got them from. the ones in my other journal that I harvested are NOT normal size and I thinklike record for that type of plant.

    Anyways, the white LSD baby and an ICe and one more white LSD went into the flowering room. I am close to harvesting a plant or part of ione in the next week at least here and will have room and be completely clear within 2 weeks here for those plants.

    I culled the white widows. Unfortunatly, the two I WANTED to be female, were male. There was one that was VERY VERY purple which is weird, turned male asap, and the one tyhat was huge and out of this woreld was male, I cloned him because he was so extraordinary that I wanted to see if the female was g0od I would use his pollen for his vigiorous gtrowthm but my clone stuff ended up bad so I jst threw him out.

    Then it camre down to two white widows and two female Sugar Bubba Og. I took the one female that was flowering , or preflowering, the most, and kept her,threw the other out. Then I kept the one really tall white widow and I have been taking off the bottom branches.

    I used Cha Ching for the first time on my plants ( the finishing ones) three days ago and there is a very large noticable difference
  12. The ice and one wlsd have been in flower for the last week they have little buds all over already. I am trimming them this time to grow bette for space and the rest go into flowering todat, all over four feet going on five not including the pot. All will be transferredto five gallon buckets with ocean forest ,coco coir and a light rooting innoculat (takes place of molasses n works wonderful) so they can have nice dirt to reach into with the growth spurt from the new dirt and other things plus anoter 400 watts on a rotating track (800 in the flower room, 400 atm in veg rroom. Working great)

    These plants have obvois good breedinng in them and the next post will be with them so I can show the effects of what I did on some.

    The bubba kush is purple ,or seeming to turn purple at stems a lot. Very excited
  13. so what happened ?
  14. So... What happened??? How many days did it take to finish?? What was the yield like??

    and Lets not forget .... what was the BUZZ like?? stoned minds are dieing to know!


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