White Lines on Leaves

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    Ok so i have no idea how long its been in veg, im a newbie. But i have a good idea of what im doing. Info and setup is as follows:

    -Strain is unknown

    -Fully indoor

    -enclosed 2 ft x 2ft case with fan (measurements are estimates)

    -water is carbonated purified water (not bottled, home done using machine)

    -two soils (from roots to about 3/4 stem is an Organic soil, and from there up is some stupid soil i was trying to use as just a filler. The top portion of soil "Miracle gro Moisture control")

    -In a Plastic solo style cup

    -In natural light (still indoors) from morning until night (6am-8pm) when it is put under a 125w 6500k CFL for about 4/5 hours

    -light cycle is wobbly at anywhere from 12-18 hrs

    -About 3 inches from light source

    -No Nutes (except if there is anything in the soil)

    I have had little problems to date (soil mold in early early veg and accidental light burn about a 5 days ago).

    Now the issue is the white lines on 2 leaves. one is at 0 degrees and the other is about 90 degrees and up one node from the other. so they are on different sides of the plant. I noticed tiny tiny tiny little specks on the bottom of one of the leaves, i have no magnification so i cannot look. not sure if its pest or over/under of a nutrient. I noticed this about 2 days ago. not sure if it was there before that but not that i had noticed (and i look and take care of it tirelessly).


    What is it?
  2. my guess would be some kind of bug or insect, did you check the under-side of the leaf as well?
  3. yes. on one of the leaves (the one pictured twice) there are tiny tiny tiny non-moving (that i can tell) specks. It also looks like my newly forming leaves (from the top node) are hooking. I just noticed that this morning.
  4. Whit specks? Look like grains of salt or smaller? If so, then probably spidermites... you should see web soon..........
  5. The squiggly lines indicate 1 of 2 things.

    Either the blade got scratched by something a while back
    or Leaf Miners are doing it.


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