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White Lighters?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MountainJew, May 11, 2010.

  1. Yeah hahaha, when I realized they were white, i was like, wait, arent white lighters supposed to be bad luck or something, and somebody said something about yellow lighters being bad luck too? Is that true? Cause I must be really bad, cause i have a white and a yellow XD
  2. my last lighter was white, i left it in my buddy's car on accident. no bad luck to speak of, but my green one, which i've had for a while actually, gets lost so easily, i lose it at least once a week, not like while i'm stoned, but like when i'm going to toke i can never find it... (I'm talking about BIC's... just for refrence)

  3. haha. Yea i think my fav lighter color is orange. its easy to find when you drop it outside.

    i like brown lighters too, because nobody really uses them, and i like to be different.

    like i said already. i almost always use a light colored lighter so i can hold it up to a light and see how much fuel is left.
    then i get one of my scraping tools, and scratch a design into it, then color in the scratches with a sharpie.
    theres always something unique about my lighters so i don't get them stolen from me. i've only had a handful lighters taken from me in my 10 yrs of smoking, and most where given back.
  4. The truth is, there is no luck. There isn't even the slightest chance that luck may exist in this universe, because everything in this universe is governed by very exact laws.

    I like white lighters. You can engrave them and then fill in the engraving by rubbing it with your fingers.
  5. I'm not sure about the actual existence of 'luck', but the laws that govern the Universe are anything but exact. Once you get to the quantum level all sorts of unpredictable things happen. If you're talking about Newtonian physics then yes that's well defined and deterministic, but when you get down to the level of subatomic particles you can only predict what might happen, not what will.

    Check out chaos theory as well for other examples of the unpredictability of the Universe.

  6. Are we getting into a sceince discussion now?
  7. Haha the first words on that Wikipedia site lol
  8. thats wat she said

  9. Yea haha

  10. Hahahahaha, nice. Why are yellow lighters bad luck?

  11. OMG yes! let's get fuckin technical!
    "luck" doesn't exist, but we call luck events that do or do not go our way, nothing is predictable, and so long as nothing is predictable on the quantum level our made up "luck" will exist.
    correct me if i'm wrong, please :D :hello:
  12. I didn't say luck existed, I just said the Universe is a strange place. I can't say if there is anything such as luck just as you can't definitively say there isn't. It's just opinions.

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