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  1. so i know everyone has heard about having a white lighter is bad luck. I dont believe it but i want to know how it got its story. i know about the artist who died that had a white lighter on them, is there anymore stories?
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    i bet a billion people have died with lighters in there pockets hahah

    and not all of them were white
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  3. I was using my friends white lighter....

    Cut myself while chopping peppers bleeding to the point I have to go to the E. R.

    Get stuck with a needle in the cut to numb it worst pain in my life, told the doctor nevermind just tape it up.

    Go to sleep near by on a road thats normally quiet get a cop tapping on my glass with lights, tow truck, another Ranger. Scared me half to death get talked to and he stays around for aout an hour.

    Finally the Cop and everyone leaves. I wait 30 minutes and roll me up a joint to try to get back to sleep. I spark it up with a white lighter smoke it half way and another cop rolls up.. ..

    Scares the living creep out of me but they were cool.

    I actually forgot i was using a white lighter . Threw it as far as possible.. I will never use one again. Its been a year since i seen cops. All the sudden 4 cops one night after using white lighter. Not a coincidence.
  4. Man....that must be it. All those damn white lighters....in my town it's yellow lighters....like something so arbitrary could affect your life.....sorry I don't believe.

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    Edit: just noticed the last post before the guy above me was from like 5 years ago
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  5. Bro.. Seriously. I threw it out no bad luck
  6. Lol a lighter colour doesn't determine what kind of luck you'll have..
  7. First time I'm hearing of it....:pimp:
  8. Urban Myth.
    A lot of left handed singers that were named died before BIC lighters were disposable.

    The Myth
    The real history to the white lighter myth and why they are unlucky is based on four famous and revolutionary musicians of the second half of the 20th century. Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrex, Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain were all left-handed, all died at the age of 27, and all their autopsies reported that a white bic lighter was found in their pockets. This is why it is said that white lighters are unlucky. So if you are 27 and left-handed, don’t use a white bic lighter, you will die.
    Bic did not start making lighters until 1973 . All of these people except for Cobaindied by 1971.
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  9. Left handed, 27 years of age, white lighter and you forgot the final component of the unluckyness........ROCK LEGENDS.... you must be a rock legend for the prophecy to ring true.....
  10. Except there was no truth to the story.

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