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  1. so i know everyone has heard about having a white lighter is bad luck. I dont believe it but i want to know how it got its story. i know about the artist who died that had a white lighter on them, is there anymore stories?
  2. The other day at the gas station I asked the clerk (who seemed like someone who would appreciate the question) why they were selling a bunch of white lighters, in a joking manner, and that led to him telling me that the whole thing has something to do with the 27 club and Jimi Hendrix using them. I haven't verified that but I can see how that would have started the story.

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    I only buy white lighters, Or I peel the label off and leave them white. My luck seems pretty good but I'm not 27 yet.
  4. only time i got caught by the cops involving marijuana i had a white light on me...

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  5. The day my mom found out I smoked I had a clear lighter on me. It wasn't white obviously but I feel like the proximity of the color was close enough and stuff...

    Toking is glam as shit
  6. I was using my friends white lighter....

    Cut myself while chopping peppers bleeding to the point I have to go to the E. R.

    Get stuck with a needle in the cut to numb it worst pain in my life, told the doctor nevermind just tape it up.

    Go to sleep near by on a road thats normally quiet get a cop tapping on my glass with lights, tow truck, another Ranger. Scared me half to death get talked to and he stays around for aout an hour.

    Finally the Cop and everyone leaves. I wait 30 minutes and roll me up a joint to try to get back to sleep. I spark it up with a white lighter smoke it half way and another cop rolls up.. ..

    Scares the living creep out of me but they were cool.

    I actually forgot i was using a white lighter . Threw it as far as possible.. I will never use one again. Its been a year since i seen cops. All the sudden 4 cops one night after using white lighter. Not a coincidence.
  7. Were you sleeping in your car?
  8. Yes. But ive been going to this location for 2 years. Never been questioned or bothered.
  9. Its impossible as EVERY lighter is originally white. Your just not digging deep enough.
  10. Lmfao.

    In my area the Yellow Bic Lighter is the bad ju ju one.
  11. Just checked my stash . Had one white lighter , threw it away .
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    Yes, there was a story going around, long after they were gone, that Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, all died at 27 years old, each with a white BIC lighter on their person(s). It is probably true that all three were twenty seven years old, but the problem is, they all had already been dead for a few years, in 1973, when the first BIC lighters became available.
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  13. I'd forgotten my lighter once and a friend said "Here, you can have this one." and he tossed me a white lighter.
    I tossed it back to him and went and got a cheap plastic one.
    I didn't chance it, man.
  14. No idea how the folklore of the white lighter started but I do know that the fishermen here in maine take it seriously. You show up at the pier here at the harbor with a white lighter and first the lighter goes in the drink and you soon follow
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  15. Are you from the U.K?

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  16. There was a polish ship yard gas cutter that always lit his gas flame with a white lighter ...
    he lasted 3 months..a bit of weld burnt thru his top top pocket
    and melted the lighter(white) and blew him in 2 and killed 3 of his buddies too

    moral= avoid white (bic)lighters

    in Russia we ain't so color prejudice lol

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