White Lighter Curse

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  1. Ok so me and my friend A were toking. Just another regular weekend.Except this weekend we were using a white lighter now i didnt believe in the curse so i didnt think much of it. Later on that day we packed another bowl. Then just when we were goin to smoke we get a call from T. He wanted to play some basketball with us. So we strolled down to the office where the hoop was and started to play. Then M came and joined us so it could be 2v2. It was me and T vs. A and M. 5 minutes into the game its 4 - 0 me and T are losing and then the ball gets knocked way out M goes running after it me behind him. Now im not really entirely sure how this happened but apparently my feet got tangled with M's and i tripped and fell forward in an awkward fashion. I immediately stood up to find that my arm was broken. T called 911 and i went to the ER. it was a compound fracture. http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/3874/100419144859.png Now some of u will tell me this is just unlucky but i really sucks and i now believe in the curse. DONT USE WHITE LIGHTERS
  2. I bet as soon as you saw the broken arm you exclaimed, "DAMN YOU WHITE LIGHTER!!!!"

    Definitely not, "Oh god guys, my arm is broken! -whimper-"
  3. keep your head up man

    everyone takes a beating
  4. i got arrested with a white lighter
  5. ye shit sucked cus then april 20th came and i was crippled so hard to hit the bong with 1 hand

  6. came close to being arrested with a white lighter but just unlucky no curse i just bought a white one
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    Yeah man, I feel your pain me and my friend were chilling out in the woods by his house with some strawberry cough, he had a zippo but it needed to be refilled so I just suggested he take the white bic his wife kept in a "incase an emergency happens situation" he remembered about it and we were really getting anxious to smoke after a hard days work. I remembered one of my buddies telling me they were bad luck but i didnt believe in any dumb superstitions.... well I guess that was a mistake the next day an anonymous letter sent by someone, i think i might know who it was but no proof to lead behind, it besides he hates me and my friend and probably eves dropped on us. Well anyways the letter was sent to both of us and guess what! The dumbass mail man read the adress wrong and gave it to my neighbours who live two doors down. and they're 12 year old boy picked up the mail that day and read the whole thing. now iam not going to say the whole thing but it started off as Dear, Mr.______ ______ We realise you are abusing narcotics and we will have to contact your employer if this keeps going on, if found nothing has been done about this crime, even after employers have been contacted then authorities will be noticed, then it ended in you have been warned. from concerned citizen. Well those guys never talk to me and now half the neighbourhood hates me let alone the 12 year old pointed me out in my local gas station one day and said Narcotics abuser!! and all his father did was chuckle and told his son to never get caught up on drugs, most emberassing day of my life:cool:, but my friend got the way worst of it. his girlfriend kicked him out after she read the letter. and told him to take a drug test which he failed.
    all in all every single time i see white bic lighters at a convenience store i buy 5 of them. because thats 5 people iam saving from the currrssseeee offf thhheee whhiitteee llliigghhhtterrr. :eek:
  8. So you smoke with a white bic, then hours later in a completly unrelated circumstance you broke your arm. IT MUST BE THE LIGHTER!
  9. Man that sucks dude and right before 420 says the pic of the xray
  10. umm.......the white lighter curse is that when you use a white lighter you will get caught by the cops or your parents or whatever...

    it's not like "i just failed my math test.....fuck, i used a white lighter today that's why i failed..."
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  11. ha, the only lighter I ever lost (permanently:D) was white

    maybe it was just karma for naming it "white power"

  12. hahaha. possibly.

    can't beat a bit of superstition though hah
  13. Hmmm....I really doubt a white lighter (melted pellets) caused you to get a fracture. It's just unlucky, I guess, but def. not because of a lighter.

    Do you have any idea how stupid people sound when they blame their misfortunes on a fucking lighter? A fucking lighter people.
  14. thats crazy cause i left my triple perc coil bong at my buddies for a night and they needed a light so i left my white lighter there.the table they left it on collapsed in the middle of the night and broke the base of the bong...:(
  15. My first toke was on a white lighter. Ive only been busted by the cops once and my parents have never found out despite smelling it. Plus my GPA has gone up and I slowly learning how to kill depression. I lost that white lighter but I would say it brought me good luck.
  16. I agree 100%, it makes no sense. I see in threads all the time stupid shit like "I used a white lighter, next month my dog died" and it just does not make sense to blame something completely unrelated on the lighter
  17. It may just be bad timing but the only two times ive used a white lighter (cigs at the time, couldnt smoke) were the two nights where i got in trouble and lost rank in the marine corps

  18. holy fuck! your arm got super fucked up man! i bet you couldnt feel it for like an hour though cus of the adrenaline

    if that would of happened to me i would of flipped and then like bitch slapped my friend across the face.

    how bad does it hurt now?
  19. This is why I hate superstition, karma, luck, whatever you call it: IF YOU DO SOMETHING BAD, OR WALK UNDER A LADDER, SEE A BLACK CAT, YOU ARE GOING TO BE LOOKING FOR THAT BAD THING THAT WILL MAKE IT EVEN. YOU WILL TRY TO FIND LUCK WORKING THROUGH COMPLETELY NORMAL, IF UNLIKELY THINGS. For example: if you buy a white lighter and subscribe to the curse, you are going to be expecting the bad luck. You will take normal things that are not in any way caused by the lighter and say, "Here. This is the bad luck." In reality it is just one of the those weird things that you can't explain why or how.

    The white lighter curse was formed because all 4 members of the 27 club ( a group of 4 pop music stars who died at age 27) were supposedly in possession of white lighters at the time of their deaths. This point is disputable, but this is the basis of the curse. It is said that for a stoner to use a white lighter is inviting bad luck. In reality, most of the 27 club members died as a consequence of the use of other drugs: heroin or others. THe whole idea is based on a disputable "fact" and each person's death had nothing to do with the lighter. They simply lived hard, indulgent lifestyles that caused their early deaths.

  20. its pretty good now they have me on heavy meds and weed does help too

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