white light vs purple

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by karnavor, Nov 8, 2022.

  1. im sure this has been asked before but what is everyones thought on this.
    i have a 100 watt philizon purple full spectrum and an off bran 100 watt white full spectrum. 2 whit widow under each, and the plants under the white light is about 8 inches taller and more fuller....is this all ways the case
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  2. Required led lighting per square foot of grow space is about 35 actual watts.
    normally i like keep the light at least 12 inches away from the plant .

    Example is a 2x4 grow tent is 8 square feet X 35 = 280 actual watts
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  3. recent lab results, see Bugbee on YT suggests that pure white light is far ahead of the famous blurple
    having both the red and blue, even green has been suggested has its uses

    see Bugbee

    good luck
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  4. i have a 4x4 and using 2 100 watt, for 4 plants, until my big light is delivered..thanks
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  5. pretty much what im seeing, thanks for the reply...
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  6. You can see all the color spectrum by looking up your light spec's online or taking a CD or the non labeled side hold it under the light a look at the reflection will show you the color spectrum.
  7. 35 watts x 16 square feet of grow space =560 watts

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