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White Label Seeds-- Skunk #1

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by CarloMarx, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Skunk #1 by White Label
    Indica/Sativa Hybrid leaning Indica
    Growth: Indoor; organic
    Cure: 4 weeks

    Aesthetics: 8.5/10
    This strain's lime-green buds are beautifully complimented by light orange pistils that are evenly distributed across the entire nug. This paired with an abundance of trichomes makes for an aesthetically pleasing and eye catching bud.

    Smell: 6/10
    Throughout the entire flowering stage this plant never put out much odor. Such is still the case even after a 4 week cure. The buds smell floral and slightly acidic, though the odor is not extremely pungent or strong. The only word that comes to my mind when I attempt to label the smell is "dank." It seems as though this plant possesses no subtle notes in terms of fragrance.

    Taste 6/10:
    Simply put, it tastes like it smells. The smoke is more floral than anything and tastes like a very generic dank bud. As the cure progressed I noticed that sweeter taste became recognizable after a deep hit and a small cough. Smoke has great expansion in the lungs and provides a very heavy hit.

    Potency: 8/10
    Warning: this is not for novice smokers. I made the mistake of smoking a joint of this with a more infrequent user and this literally knocked him on his ass. Skunk #1 can hang with the harder hitting strains and is just right for the experienced toker.

    The HIGH: 8/10
    This strain is an extremely well balanced hybrid that goes straight to your head, inducing plenty of laughter at first, but slowly moves into the body as time goes on. The high is powerful, yet mellow, allowing one to smoke and remain somewhat active and clear-minded in the early stages of the high. However, once the high moves into the body this stain can be dangerous. If smoked too much, this stuff can knock you right out. There have been numerous occasions where I've fallen asleep at my desk unintentionally after smoking. Once the body-stone has ended it is hard to push through the come-down. Skunk #1 makes a great evening smoke. Sleep is positively affected after use.

    Would I grow this again?


  2. Simply amazing looking. Great job!
  3. Thank you! This strain really surprised me when it came to the smoke and the experience. Just wished it had a more distinct smell. It's weird that it didn't smell like skunk at all.
  4. Its beautiful and looks very mouthwatering. Great review and awesome work!
  5. diggity dank
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. Sweet Job mang

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