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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by NefariousBredd, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Supposedly live today:


    Personally, I want these issues addressed, in no particular order:

    -Legalization, Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana
    -Support for Federal Medical Marijuana
    -Restoration of the 4th Amendment
    -Protecting our 1st Amendment
    -Ending Victimless Crime
    -Curtailing Police Powers
    -Preventing Law Enforcement Lobby
    -Treating Addiction as a Health Problem, not a Criminal Problem
    -Ending Privatized Prisons
    -Greater Visibility into DHS Defense Contractors
    -Complete Visibility into War Street
    -Curtailing FDA Regulator Power
    -Complete Dissolution of the DEA
    -The Release of Non-Violent Marijuana Offenders
    -Limiting Child Services Powers in Drug Cases
    -Federal Funding Toward Marijuana Research
    -Federal Funding Toward Marijuana Education

    and not drug war or marijuana prohibition related at all but, for the sake of a brother I miss dearly and I fear for greatly:

    -Please Bring Our Troops Home!!!

    Aside from those, anyone else have any issues?
  2. The DEA will not be going anywhere. And although they have had some scandals they shouldn't be completely done away with. I will never support the legalization of anything but marijuana. If I wanted my future children to get ahold of actual brain rotting drugs, I'd let them drink bleach. It's much cheaper....

    Some of the other things I also disagree with, CPS should be able to have part in drug cases still. Etc, etc. Some people have some very far fetched views I'd say. Agree to disagree.

  3. Unfortunately, the DEA has very little to do with actual Drug Enforcement anymore, leaving that to SWAT and other local and state authorities. The DEA is now the most sophisticated spy organization on the face of the planet, largely influencing foreign "democratic campaigns" through media, propaganda and spycraft.

    As for your children, they can rot their brains, without your consent, on any street corner. That will be the case for as long as the black market controls the flow of ANY drug. Purity, regulation, identification, taxation, treatment: All these things are unaccounted for as long as we criminalize. As soon as we regulate, we take the power into our own hands.

    Prohibition is the equivalent of tossing your children out of the home for abusing drugs. Legalization is more like being their to help them when they need it. They will make up their own minds either way.

    I do appreciate your trolling though. It give me the perfect opportunity to post this:

  4. I can't edit my previous post to correct my inappropriate jab at 2nd poster. On my phone. It was unfair to call that response trolling. Apologies for my temporary ignorance.

    Agree to disagree.
  5. I was coming to post this but you beat me to it. I couldnt agree more with every damn point you made. You sir have just earned a third rep bar!
  6. The petition has already hit the required 5,000 votes but we need to make a showing in force here. Make this number one!

    Remember though, they tried this before with the "online town hall questions" and it was completely ignored. Watch this.

  7. I remember the fury I felt both times Obama addressed the issue on YouTube. The "Laugh Heard Round the World", as if 20,000,000 arrests in the USA and the 30,000+ casualties in the the Mexican Drug War were a laughing matter. As if sick and dying people being attacked by SWAT teams were a laughing matter. Barrack Obama lost every bit of respect that I had for him. I don't even respect him as a fellow human being.

    That being said, my vote has been cast, as has my wife's. We are blasting it all over our favorite forums and message boards and social media sites.

    Spread the word any way you can.
  8. I wish I could rep you again brother. I havnt seen many of your posts but the ones I have seen are some dead on quality truth.

  9. Thank's man. I was recently "motivated" by the police to educate myself and begin advocating. A year ago, I knew about as much about this as the average person, meaning not much at all. Having the cops railroad you, threaten you family and piss all over your rights is enough to get anyone going.
  10. Don't let him fury you. When this government gets us angry, then they have an advantage on us. No violence, but we should all stand up; which eventually I think we will do.

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