White House Responds to the Legalization Petitions

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  1. I don't think this has been posted yet, so I figured I'd share the official response to the marijuana legalization petitions on Whitehouse.gov.
  2. What a load of BS
  3. I kind of saw this coming. They can't keep playing it off forever. Change will come over time.
  4. Yeah, I can't say I expected much else.

  5. So lets force that "forever" you speak of to come sooner, sign my new petition and lets continue to bombard the site with varying marijuana petitions until we get another response or they shut it down.
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    idk whats up but ive been locked out of signing petitions.

    nvm, finally works.
  7. You're disgusting, Gil.

    I thought he wanted to quit a couple months ago? Did they up his bribes?
  8. There is not a shred of truth in their response. Who are all these scientists who think Cannabis is bad? And who are all these people going to the emergency room for smoking something that has not killed even 1 person every in the history of people? And who are all these people who are hopelessly addicted to the stuff, and seeking voluntary treatment to be free of the horrible monkey on their back?

    I have never actually heard of, or seen anyone that belongs to one of those groups of people.
  9. Fuck, what a load of bull shit! He didn't even address the harms caused by prohibition or how its (non-existent) benefits don't even come close to outweighing the harms that it causes.

    I have no confidence in these people! I hope they're all unemployed very soon.
  10. By voluntary they meant mandated by a judge
  11. LETS VOTE THESE MORONS OUT IN 2012!! I myself have no confidence in the current fed gov at any level.

  12. :smoke:
  13. But of course Gil's position is to lie no matter what . And to be against legalization in any form because the position he holds . However if he had any balls whatsoever he would say fuck it and actually tell the truth on the matter but that would require him to have a conscience .
  14. Gil is looking out for his own job, lol.. Imagine if pot gets legalized, that would be a huge cut to the DEA, police, and everyone profiting/involved in the prosecution of smokers/growers/dispensaries/etc.


  15. We've been saying change will come over time since the 70s.

  16. We've been battling this BS "war on drugs" for almost 100 years.

    Harrison Narcotics Tax Act of 1914
    Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

    We just got this clever name of "War on Drugs" thanks to Dick Nixon. Of course, you're right, since the 70s it has been really out of control... :(
  17. They are right that it does cause problems for some. The thing they are wrong about is stereotyping it as anything other than what it really is, a part of nature.

    I really think its about the pharm companies though. Going to try to crack down then push something like Sativex on the public.

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