White House Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs'

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  1. dude great fucking find, finally the US is moving in the right direction on this whole drug policy. They finally figured out that lying and punishing the public will not reduce demand. Education and treatment is the way to do it. Way to many people are being forced into treatment needlessly (me) while others cant get in because I took their spot. This is definitely good news! Plus rep for finding a pro-marijuana article before me!
  2. Isimon,
    Bummer. Where do you live? What kind of freaks are after you? I have been stopped at least 10 times with weed and didnt get busted. One time I got pulled over in Oregon and the cop saw a bag of weed in my top pocket. He reached in the car and pushed it down into my pocket so you couldn't see it. He said pointing to the other cop looking in the passenger window,"My partner would bust you if he saw that." Now that officer had class.
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    I live in North Carolina, bible belt country. My charges really show how messed up this drug war is. It has really labeled me as a criminal. If it hadn't been for a great lawyer, I most likely wouldn't have been able to get into college or receive financial aid. Now I'm on my third charge and I have no idea how they will handle it. Nothing in my sig is exaggerated, I've never been caught with any more than a gram of pot yet everytime I face the judge he reads on my sheet "possessed less that 30 grams of marijuana"

    I'm in college now and I see people that do many drugs, drink, and just throw their education away. Yet I value my opportunity, and to think that pot is the reason that I may not be able to receive the education I want just makes me sick to my stomach. I've paid thousands of dollars in fees associated with my arrests, and they have accomplished nothing but to make me stronger in my fight to do the right thing and legalize this beautiful plant.

    I do not know what is going to happen in my next court visit, but I've been on a "drug education" program through my school which has had me on regular drug tests for the past 4 months. Yet they have accomplished nothing to change my opinion on marijuana. I've seen myself how hypocritical these laws are and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of seeing people drink themselves silly and take all the prescription drugs they can handle yet they get no punishment. Yet when I get caught with less than a gram of marijuana for personal use, even seeds on one occasion, I am treated like a drug addict and a criminal.

    This drug war has to end, too many people like me have had their lives totally ruined while others get away with all the legal drugs they want without the slightest glance from law enforcement.

    I'm glad to see this country moving in the right direction, but I still feel like we have a long way to go until people like me are never mixed up in the court system, wasting people's time and money, or forced into treatment, taking the place of someone who really needs it.

    Sorry for the rant.
  4. That's brilliant, man.

  5. Haha sounds like one of the cops from superbad. this is great news, even though he says he's still against legalization its definitely a huge step in the right direction.
  6. That fucking sucks man, I agree, it is a bunch of bullshit. I'm in the bible belt right along with you so I know how much more fucked it is here than other places. I honestly believe there will be these few states that will hold out until the bitter end if everyone else legalizes. I can see it. I mean fuck, I had a buddy do 6 months, first offence for under an oz. He was at home when they kicked in his door (someone said he was dealing, he wasn't). He wasn't hurting anybody, just chilling at home with some weed. Thats it.
  7. I know what the Bible belt is like and it sucks! I lived in Kentucky for 21 years. I love the place but if they could get rid of all the religious nutcases, that place would be a lot better.
  8. Agreed, it's really nice here, but like you said. They need to quit letting the damn churches run the place. It was worse when I was in Arkansas. The town I lived in Lost Comedy Central for a couple of years because the multiple religious groups there through a fit over a couple of the shows.
  9. Wow i was down after CT turned down decriminalization, but this news makes up for it!
  10. That's a cop that does not have chip on his shoulder and has nothing to prove to anyone, unlike most cops, they all try to prove that they are better than you cuz they have a badge, fucken pussies:wave:.
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    Keep fighting, don't let yer guard down.
  12. Don't trust those numbers to mean much. Something like 9/10 people in treatment for marijuana are there to avoid a jail sentence. They're not serious about it.

    Can I remind everyone that there HAS been raids since the "no more raids" announcement. He broke one promise, why trust him now. Don't be foolish.
  13. Well I had to go to rehab this year for weed.....it was that or Jail.
  14. Very true, and something like 4 in 10 that go into treatment for pot haven't even smoked in the MONTH prior to going in.

    And having read the article, it really seems like this guy just wants to find a nicer and easier to get behind phrase than "War on Drugs", sort of like "Freedom of Choice" is nicer than "Moms for Dead Babies". He states that people see the war on drugs as a war on users, so he wants a different look, not a different reality. And, he doesn't really have a ton of power. Nice to hear, but not groundbreaking or anything.
  15. "While we were sitting there, the guy we're buying from is smoking pot and his toddler comes over and he blows smoke in the toddler's face," Mr. Kerlikowske said. "You go home at night, and you think of your own kids and your own family and you realize" the depth of the problem.

    So in realizing the depth of the problem, does that mean you understand that retards are in control of the sales?

    Why do I doubt that as being what was ment?
  16. Yeah I guess I know some people who have had to also. I was hi at the time and thinking voluntarily, like in puff puff pass the movie.

  17. Yea isimon i know exactly how you feel. i live in north carolina as well and i too got arrested for having less than a gram on me back in january. got pulled over by an undercover cop and dude apparently said i looked "suspicious" for no reason and found the weed in my jacket when he searched me and a bowl in the glove compartment when he began searchin the car . almost got in trouble with the college i was going to because of it and had to get a lawyer to dismiss my charges for me which was possession and drug paraphanellia. then about 3 weeks ago i got arrested at my house for missing court because my lawyer failed to file the right paperwork. not only that i had to miss several exams for my classes( which i failed btw) because i had to go to fucking court to to get everything taken care of . after that my charges were finally dropped but not without causing damage to my school grades and hundreds of dollars to get everything dismissed. i really do hope that obama realizes that this "war on drugs" has gone too far with too little results and that its ridiculous how we spend millions of dollars a year on pot- related cases and law enforcement tracking down pot users. we need to spend that money on tracking down on sex offenders and killers instead of putting innocent ppl in jail for this shit.

    srry it was long but had to get that off my chest lol

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