white holes?!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by SuiJuris, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. Ave, people.

    Yet again, a new problem...how exciting this all is :)

    I just put my now 14 inch honey (I hope) into the 12/12 cycle, ah, seems just yesterday I planted the seed, what a sense of satisfaction you get, even if it doesnt make it all the way through, Ive still had lots of fun thus far...but to the question, closer examination of the axial leaves reveals small white holes, and an over all very slight mind you, but noticable to me, yellow hue. no bugs, but perhaps a deficiency? what would one reccomend i do to test the nutrient levels? is there a way? how about ph? could this be causing it, what is a good way to test this? I have not pruned it at all, because i JUST CANT UNDERSTAND it, im slow, but I cant understand it! i would love for any detailed explinations one might offer as to this. also, what purpose to the stipules serve? what are they? just these questions for now, until i get the pics up (tomorrow, cam is lent out) that will do, as always, I appreciate any info...oh yes, proxy servers...does this trigger any little switches in the readers mind?

    Ave atque vale.

    if we lived in an honorable society, there would be open season on officers of 'the law'...but we all know that just isnt so... ;-)

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