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white hairs turning orange

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by wntR, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. so im curious how this is supposed to grow out... why would my plant be changing hairs color after such little bud growth

    looks like tiny dime-quarter sized buds all with nice growth but the hairs are starting to turn orange and its something like week 4-5

    how long can i let the plant keep growing bud and why does it seem like maybe less than an oz of bud....
  2. If only we could find the early onset orange hair gene in marijuana and give it to aging gingers.

    On a more related note: Some plants change colors at different times. The colors of the hairs isn't as important as the trichs themselves. Get a $15 hand microscope and read up on clarity of the trichs.
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    trich growth is well only in and around the buds area so far...
    as far as discovering trich clarity can i use a magnifying glass for said researching?
    what exactly am i looking for in the clarity? whats the different claritys mean?

    some info i just got
    "It might have a 12 week flowering cycle, especially if it's a sativa. Also, from what I have read, bud growth really takes of in the last two weeks. How are the trichs looking? If you get to week 8 and they are cloudy, and the buds havent exploded by then, you can start to worry. Some things to think about. "
  4. Its pretty hard to see trichromes through a mag glass. You can see that they exist but to see the diffrence between clear/cloudy/amber you're going to need a little more magnification.
  5. go to radioshack if u are in the states and pcik up 60x-100x magnifier i guess they are really used for checkin out coins.. just as they are under 15$ great investment
  6. The hairs turning orange is sometimes nothing, the hairs are very sensitive and any foreign bodies can cause that such as you touching it or leaves brushing against buds ;)
    To be sure buds are ripe, get a magnifying glass and check trich colour ;);)
  7. Pistils can change color due to humidity, temps, pH, genetics, and yes, maturity. So basically they alone are not an indicator of maturity. Follow the trichs.

    To see the trichs well you need magnification of 25x-75x, more than a magnifying glass provides. Radio Shack has a pocket microscope as others have said for about $13, or you can get a jeweler's loupe on eBay for a few bucks.

    Trichs start clear then turn milky/cloudy then amber. You want to harvest somewhere between when they start to turn cloudy through when they are mostly turning amber, depending on the type of high you want.

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