White growth shoots

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  1. Could someone assist with diagnosing tiny white shoots? Zinc, iron, calcium?

    Seen in coco and DWC.

  2. I don't see any shoots. There's some small leaves coming out.
  3. lol fair enough. The main top nodes, apical nodes, apex nodes, new leave growth... become white, tiny, curl, fatten up and grow nowhere.
  4. Two pics of two other plants, one in coco, one in DWC.
    Same white fat stunted deal.

    DWC pic looks like iron def. with it. Other coco, potential zinc def.

    Have seen the white tiny leaf growth [shoots] with no other real symptoms, on other plants before as well.

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  5. Looks like stipules maybe on that last pic. But it don't seem to be anything bad. At least for the lil white growth.

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