White gell capsules?

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  1. My dealer just said she has pure MDMA white gell capsules. Could she be talking about molly? And at 5$ a cap should I buy lots?
  2. Sounds like molly to me, but ask her first how much molly is in each capsule.
  3. Yes... Also look up more info before you do drugs.
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    Yes, that would refer to molly, by saying "pure MDMA", which also can definitely be put in a gel capsule.

    And we have no idea how much molly is in each capsule so there's no way anyone here can tell you if that's a good price or not. If each capsule has enough MDMA to be considered a normal dosage, and each is 5 bucks, I'd say that is a killer deal. But you never know how much is in one 'til you buy one and see for yourself, or get a set amount from her for each capsule's amount of molly.
  5. Look up more info? What did I say that lead you to believe I did not do much research? White gell capsules could be anything...
  6. Read my post, brother. Is that all you need to know?
  7. Ye thanks mane
  8. Just for some luls, my dealer just called me retarded for thinking X comes in rolls ....
  9. X comes in rolls? LOL, what is X and why is it in the rolls?!

  10. ecstasy_pill_collage1.jpg
  11. I always called them rolls... Is that wrong??
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    No, nothing is wrong, it's all just slang, but MDMA does come in ecstasy tablets. Ecstasy tablets or "rolls" is just MDMA mixed with another drug or some additives to shape it into a pill form, as pure MDMA cannot be adequately shaped into a pill on its own. Molly is MDMA itself, not mixed with another drug or anything, usually in a powdery form. I think what your dealer is selling is molly (pure MDMA) that she put into white gel capsules already.
  13. taste a bit of the powder from the capsule, if it's bitter as fuck then it's MDMA

    ecstacy tablets or 'rolls' aren't always mixed with other drugs, you can get pills which the only active ingredient is MDMA and the filler could just be caffeine or something else non harmful.

    the key is a test kit
    that way you KNOW what you're ingesting
  14. their probably a low dosage, I just had some molly capsules at burning man that were definetely pure MDMA but it took two to really roll on them

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