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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grassmann1, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. I got this long tube light that is about 3 feet long...It says 20 watts on it and "Cool White"

    Will a few of a these work for growing bud
  2. They will work well when you have the plant sin veg mode with the light on for 24/7 ro on 16-18 hours a day. once you go inot flower you will want to get some "warm" bulbs but keep some of those cool bulbs in to have more blue spectrum wich keeps stretching down.
  3. tally ho, yup great veg color, prolly want more if possible though. And when flowers come, get a warm 7-8 dollars i think.
  4. What is the difference between cool white and warm white? So what u guys are trying to say is that i should use cool white during the veg stage and use the warm white during the flowering? Why would the warm one help it flower
  5. sorry to but in here, but just out of curiosity, how many of those fluro bulbs should he be looking at getting to grow under...do you basically want as much light as you can get with fluros...or can u have too much??
  6. Floros you cant have too much watts because even if you cram them in with no space between your only getting 80w per square foot. hps you can because the bulbs are small for ther power you can fit a 1000W hps in a 2x2 room but most of that light will be wasted. about 90W per foot using hp sis the most ive seen and he yeilded .9 g/w with hydro and teing and training.

    the warm and cool and daylight bs is just the type of powder they put on the inside of the bulb it changes the light spectrum. daylight looks really blue and is good for veg, warm is more redish orange and warm is somewhere between daylight and warm. Plants need blue to grow short thats why blue lights are good for veg. red lights power teh growth so once your in flower and the plant stoped its stretch (indica plants mainly) the plant just needs red to produce buds. if you leave the veg cool/daylight setup for the first 1-2 weeks of flower it will stretch less and make shorter fatter buds then if you swithced to warm bulbs when you go to 12/12. the first 2 weeks of flower dosent grow much buds anyways so yeild wont be less because of using some blue for early flower. late in flower you want all warm bubs.

    HPS (red) and MH (blue) is what the big boys play with for the 2 red and blue colors because they are more in the coirrect wavelengthes for plants 640-690nm is the wavelenght for the red that plants use and 470nm is the blue wavelength. ultrabright LED arrays are even more effeccient because you can just have that one wavelength. Not wasting energy on the colors inbetween but that for nasa or cutting edge growers..
  7. could i still use a cool white light for the flowering stage
  8. Yes but it would yeild like shit. you wnat more red spectum for flower because thats what poweres the plant and less power = less buds in laymans terms.
  9. thanks for the infomation

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