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White fibers in bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LynyrdSkynyrd, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I just got a bud that has a little pocket of what looks like cotton. I tried pulling it apart to see if it was like mold or something, its also similar to those little cacoons that moths make when they get in oatmeal and stuff. I'm not sure but I'm thinking it could be the start of a seed or something like that. I really don't think it's mold because I can't find any on the others I have. I think I'm just going to smoke it and see what happens.:smoke: Let me know if you guys have ever encountered anything like this.
  2. bugs?
  3. No I'm pretty sure its not bugs I pulled the fibers all apart theres no like body or anything that looks like its a cacoon. Its just a patch of white fibers. And theres also no other clues to bugs in the rest of the bag its just one bud.
  4. Uh is it like a bunch of tiny little spider webs all over the bud? That could be mold buddy..

    If your bud has mold... your not gonna have a good time.

    Kind of like french frying when your supposed to pizza...


  5. haha great episode
    "hey buddy you got a bit of shit under your nose"
    "w-w-well thats my face sir"
  6. Greetings,

    Unfortunately, it sounds like you're describing a type of fungus to me.

    That's very much was early mushroom spores look like as they begin to grow.

    I would not smoke it. I'm sorry I could not give you some better new.

    Yours Truly,

    P.S. -- here is a photograph for comparison purposes.
  7. ya man, i once had some weed that looked EXACTLY like you're describing yours. so i smoked it, not fun. my advice, dont smoke it.
  8. sounds like mold to me
  9. Post a pic, but if if looks like a spider web...It's most likely mold...

    As stated above... Do not smoke...
  10. If it looks organic, like something that grew or was made by a bug dont smoke it.

    It might just be lint though, especially if its street bud thats been through several hands.
  11. I've gotten those little cotton balls before. The weird thing is, I only get them in dank though. They're definitely not mold.

    They look like little cotton balls about half the size of a q-tip end. I always thought it was some mutation or rare structure that doesn't appear on every bud.

    I actually had one in my last oz of NYC Diesel. I noticed when I took this pic. It's the small white piece in the bottom bud. It felt like a cotton ball.


  12. Yea thats exactly what it looks like. My stuffs more like beasters not really dank, but anyway I smoked it right after I posted and I havent really felt any different it did taste a little funny though. Thanks for the replies.
  13. I find really fine white fibers wrapped around my bud all the time. I also find dark fibers, they look like hair, and it seems gross when i find them, but i have heard that they are fibers from string, probably used to tie the plants together when moving the harvested pants. i just pick them out.
  14. if it was grown outdoor your bud could have (THC;)) worms in them. I have personally seen weed with little orange worms in the buds, they left fibers behind, pretty much a cacoon type deal
  15. + FUCKING REP DUDE. you just brought back one of the best stoned memory that i ever had.

    back in the early days of my weed career i was at my grandmothers with my cousin and we puffed for a good hour straight.

    we were soooooooooo ripped we went and watched that episode ahhahaha that was like 2-3 years ago but we still say "...or ya gunna have a bad time" ahahaha goddamn i miss those days.

    i was fucking soooo ripped i was having minor visual hallucinations and shit my legs were under the blanket and they felt like pins and needles hahaa.

    come to think of it i don't even remeber what the fuck that episode was about hahah... a guy who fucks chickens or something ahahah idk
  16. I guess you could try to pick it out, then smoke it.
  17. Hahah nice. God I remember way back when, wake and baking at my friends house when his parents were gone, coming upstairs blazed as shit and watching Dazed and Confused. Shit was awesome... I laying on the bed with my head down I felt like I was constantly falling and I was getting what I like to call frame vision (where everything looks like it goes by frame by frame). Which has happened to me in a long long long time...

    Good shit.

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