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  1. I started these plant well they sprouted last frFrid the 17th. Now there 5 days old. I'm using 172 watts right now with 120 6500 kelvKe of 120 watts and 52 watts of 2700 Kelvin. In a three gallon pot with only 2 gallons of medium. Regular water now and next 2 weeks and I'm surprised how fast they are growing. 3 plants because they are regular seeds and I know I will think them out. I just hope if all three or even two of them are females and it is on a big problem in that one pot. 132 watts in the square footage of grow area inside a closet with a 4 inch fan blowing over them with reflective mylar to reflect the light back on them with about 85 degree regular temps at lights on and 75-80 lights out and around 50 percent humidity.These plants are 5 days old. IMG_20190821_192315.jpg
  2. 85 during lights on is pushing it a bit. You need to keep a close eye on it. Your not going to kill them but they won’t reach their full potential either.

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  3. Everything looks and sounds pretty good to me......happy growing!
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  4. Well I'm saying this to both of you 85 at the most bib as low as 80 lights on and 70-75 off but I have read and saw experienced growers say at even up to 90 during vegetation was okay and honestly even though they are young and especially using cflat 5 days old I'm actually surprised how well they are doing
  5. Also I forgot to say before I get my hps 172 watts cfl is all I have told but right now I only have 133 watts cfl
  6. Yeah, that is COMPLETELY OK............in my book.
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  7. Thank you very much. I have them in a closet that is only 42 long x18 wide so only 5.25 square feet and within 5 weeks I will jhavthe carbon filter system and I'm getting a 150 watt hps. I'm still planning on using the 172 watts cfl and I'm getting another 40 watts cfl so total flowering will be 362 watts 212 of those cfl. I am wondering if the hps and cfl together will do a good job for such a small area at only around a half meter square? I think it will do great even though it's only around 30 watts wat a square foot plus a little over 42 watts a square foot of cfl
  8. Then next grow ill have 3 3 gallon pots in there by my November grow until January
  9. Hello die. I looked at your profile and saw your status about purple punch? That's the next thing I'm growing except I'm getting photo and auto. I'll only be growing auto for now though
  10. That extra light will most certainly be beneficial.....just make sure you keep temps in control :thumbsup:

    Yeah, I'm excited about the Purple Punch:jump:
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  11. Supposed to say hello sir lol
  12. I re read your post.....yeah 30 watts PLUS 42 watts per sq ft?? Yeah, that would do good things I'd think....
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  13. I will but since it's only 5.25 square feet and only 150 watt hps that's only around 30 watts hps per square foot. Do you think with the extra 212 watts cfl since it's not near as strong,that makes it an extra 42 watts per square foot but do you think since it's cfl it would be like adding at least 10-20 watts of hps per square foot? Until I can get another 400 hps and dim it to 250 or a good led that is 200-250 watts true?
  14. I'm not even worried for any cfl for those low producing autos but want it for all my other bigger grows
  15. Another thing is the closet is 7.5 feet tall then runs into the attic with no cover between the closet and attic which is where I will run my ducting.i also have an oil radiator heater for if it does get too cold in winter but growing autos until it gets warm weather again next year I think the hps will be enough heat since you can run long as wanted for autos.
  16. Of course I have grown outdoors even though it has been years but this is my first indoor grow from start until finish.i have a few other things I need like the pH kit and calmag but I will have it all within the next month. I just hope nothing bad happens before then
  17. I hate what happened. Yesterday someone gave me 4 old time fixtures idk what they wwre. 1 had a 150 watt metal halide bulb in it but all 4 Little fixtures had part of the wires cut off so there was a bare hot and negative wire I guess on each fixture. 4 of them. I said I guess I just wire all 4 into separate hot and negative wires with plugs on the ends and hps bulbs in each 1 knowing I didn't see any ballast and knowing better. Well,my stupid self wired the 1 with the metal halide bulb and plugged it in. Wow!! What happened next? It blew a breaker and all outlets in my bedroom and 1 in my living room don't work anymore. Today the landlord is coming to fix it though I told a lie so he doesn't know what happened. Anyway it also caused me to break 2 of my 40 watt 6500 Kelvin bulbs and 1 2700 13 watt. Now all I have hooked up is 1-40 watt 6500 Kelvin and 1 13 watt 2700 kelvKe totaling 53 watts. on top of that I put them to close to my little plants and burn a couple leaves SMH! They are ok but I'm in need of more lighting. Well I must get a carbon filter system and a hps anyway so in a couple days I will have a 150 watt hps system andin flowering I will also have a couple more 40 watt CFLs totaling 370 watts in a 5 square feet area.
  18. That being said I have a question. Ok a few weeks back I put three plants Outdoors because I didn't have a choice and two died at 1 turn Mill and it's only about nine inches tall the male plant and it looks like the pain sex have open but I'm not positive so I'm going to take a picture and put it on here because I want to know if I can use that pollen and if I can I'm going to put it in a Ziploc bag until my buds we get bigger on the females I have once they start budding because I want to pollinate them purposely to get those type of seeds but I want to see if they have developed enough to go ahead and cut the male plant to put in a ziplock bag until that time come so I'm going to take a picture and I will be right back
  19. Im hoping you can see the pollen sacks? The entire plant is only about 7-9 inches. It was indoors a couple weeks ago doing well and I didn't have a choice but to move it outside and since then it sexed male in the shade it didn't get much bigger but I'm wondering if the pollen sacks are completely open to be able to pollinate the female once it sexed?

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