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white dwarf pickup, one sexy nug.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by drewzilla, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. that stuff looks interesting probably tastes really good
  2. word good bud drew, looks homegrown and really fresh, nice.
  3. Looks fuckin rediculous dude.

    *Witty reference to uncontrollable ejaculation*
  4. Mmmm.. that looks like a good pickup. +rep
  5. Drools on Bong Rip Lol :bongin:
    Nice Bud
  6. interesting buds indeed.
    im gonna order auto hindu dwarfs i guess..
    nice pickup but that bud looks fresh off the node fresh? idk why
  7. it was cut last night :hello: not dry yet
  8. so that's what White Dwarf looks like.....

    i can't fucking wait!!!! i got one of these bad boys growing right now, but i'm only on day 17 :( got a ways to go

    good shit man, you gonna do a smoke report once its dried & cured?
  9. damn guys

    i recently had some home grown snow white, which i imagine is some sort of a cousin (white widow is the mother, i figure genetically the White family are together)

    does anyone know what the actual genetics of white dwarf are?

  10. it doesn't explain em but this is the explanation of the strain from where i got the seed

    "White Dwarf is an auto flowering Feminized variety with pervasive scent and sweet flavour which comes up from the crossing of 2 x white widow based indica's then using the auto flowering genes of the ruderalis to produce the ultimate in auto flowering dwarfs. You can have these under 24 hours of light with NO need to switch lighting during the photoperiod
    White Dwarf Feminized blooms in 2 months alter sowing regardless of photoperiod.
    Such thing makes it perfect for early crops. Besides that, it is a small-sized discreet plant which can grow up away from the onlookers.
    Its resistance and short cycle reduce the chances of having problems during its growth; this variety it is a safe bet for beginners. "
  11. this was actually from a late bloomer, the rest has already been dried & smoked

    it's a pretty heavy indica, the high hits you very quickly and suddenly, no creeper high here. lasts a while too, solid 2 hours

    very piney taste, even moreso when vaporized
  12. damn, now i really can't wait lol. Thanks for sharing man! +rep
  13. thanks back at ya
  14. some popcorn nugs from the same batch

  15. lovely greenery my friend! +rep for sharing
  16. I can see 5 different colors. One sexy nug for sure!
  17. how did it taste in a blunt?
  18. looks like some nute burn, but pretty damn good looking

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