White Dwarf 400w HPS

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    I'm starting Buddha Seedbank's White Dwarf in 3 gallon pots under a 400 watt HPS from seed. This is my first grow and I decided to start a journal to get tips that may help me on the way. I'm using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and the Fox Farms trio for nutes. They are currently on day 10 and are running an 18/6 light schedule.

    Sorry about the image sizes i'm trying to resize them

  2. you have a good start on your first grow. i would suggest going to 24/0 though, as the plants will grow a lot faster.
  3. thanks for the tip, i looked around and saw 18/6 was the best for now, but ill look more in to it, also in one of the pics the leaf was curlin around the edges, is this a problem? any help would be amazing.
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    They all look good to me. Are you feeding them the fox farm nutes? Also are you watering too often? Often times leaf curl is a watering problem.

    Nvm just looked again, the one with the leaves that are curling around the edges right? That looks like either heat stress or some kinda nutrient/ph thing...
  5. yo i gave them some ff big bloom, and grow big at 1/4th strength, i have been watering them about every 3 days. also the temp stays around 78-82.
    day 18 i believe they have started flowering.


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