White dust from Humidifier

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  1. So I have had the hardest time growing indoors in a 2x2 tent. Very strange things happen as my grow progresses. Ive had 3 fails so far....and i think its my environment.

    My attempts have progressed strangely....to the point where growth completely stops....but the plant doesn't wilt and die. It just stops. My humidity has always been pretty low. It was suggested to me to add a humidifier to my tent to help with the low RH. Things starting going well once I put the humidifier in the tent....but then things kinda just stalled again.

    Well...im noticing white dust all over the place. I am growing in my bedroom closet. I have white dust all over my bedroom and all over the tent....its most noticeable on the zippers and on the velcro of my view windows. Ive read that the white dust is basically mineralization from the humidifier. So its not powered mildew or anything like that that I was able to see other threads on....

    what I'm wondering is if anyone here has grown indoors and wondering if they have had problems with the white dust from the humidifier? My humidifier was getting moldy and unclean....I didn't realize it had to be cleaned weekly.....and the mineralization is also in the air....and thats kinda when the plants kinda started stalling. So I'm wondering if anyone else has dealt with white dust produced from humidifiers?
  2. White dust from Humidifier is called dried salts where I'm at, upgrade that 2x2 tent to a 4x4 for more 'room' examine your water very closely, speak to ur water engineer, and even consider installing an RO machine or filter, above all take daily Ph readings, if you go RO, at all add calmag more often to ur plants keep up ur temps, above all monitor ur water

    good luck

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