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  1. i have some plants about a month old, they are autoflowering. for a couple of weeks now ive noticed little patches of very little individual, almost perfectly circular and the about the same size white dots. im not sure what it is as it does not look like anything ive seen. ive looked under the leaf and even though im not using a microscope i cant see any color dots (mites) other than dirt. they have spread a little but very lightly. when i rub them they dont come off and you cant really see through. it doesnt seem like light bleach or a nute burn or deficiency. has anybody had this problem?? i need help before its too late?

    p.s. i cleaned the room a couple of times with some lysol cleaner that had bleach and im pretty sure i did it with the fan and the lights on, i didnt sprayed directly on the plants or directly in the walls. although some over spray may have gotten in. could that do it?:confused:
  2. Im thinking it is a mold. Pic would help. Peace
  3. Pictures please. A picture = 1000 words, and you have less than that :p

    You have spider mites or maybe Ca defic or pH fluctuation issues.

    But what you described sounds like bugs. Look at other leaves, and over your whole plant. If you can't find any, the lysol cleaner is the runner up for cause - the dots sound like the damage sprays would cause - mimic the spherical bubbles.
  4. i dont have a camera good enough to take a pic that up close. the dots are really small and i really dont see any damage like symptoms. the plants are doing great, big and green with no webbing. ill see what i can do for the pic but im not sure i can get a good shot.
  5. cant get a pic. the dots are so small that you cant see them. also ive been getting a couple of yellow patches in very few areas, too big to mite damage but they are small, along with burned/rusty looking leaf tips (one or two at the most but some others are starting) along with rusty looking spots (also one or two in one plant). they are about 32 days old and the only thing ive given them is molasses (one dose) an aerated manure tea with molasses that i brew for one day because they really needed water. might the dots be a deficiency? or any of the problems actually be a deficiency? i also saw two little redish looking ants, is that bad? this is my first time growing and i really need some help. i sprayed neem oil 7 days ago and im going to spray with serenade tomorrow. id hate to see this go down the drain!
  6. Sounds like nute burn, or chem imbalance(pH, wrong ratio of nutes) - N. Flush and stop feeding molasses. How much do you feed? Try 2-3ml per 5 gallons of water on this strain.

    Don't do unnecessary shit to your girl; neem is good, but why do you need the serenade?

    The problem though is that many defic and burns sound alike. yellow patches and rust spots can be a defic, or a pH issue.
  7. i used serenade because i heard that neem oil wont help with all the problems. i used neem to prevent mites and the serenade as a fugicide to prevent any type of mold. i think it is a nute burn so im going to wait a couple days see how it goes and flush. as far as the molasses instead of the 4tbs per gallon its says to use i used only one tbs per gallon and gave them that only one time.
  8. Serenade is a bacterium that actively poisons everything... I dislike that aspect. The good and bad will die, as they simply secrete a toxin. Bacillus acidophillus is good option at preventing a wide slew of fungi - it lowers the pH to where they just can't live. Its cheaper than serenade, and better IMO. I might just be remembering how it works wrong, but B. a. is better. (I've used both, NEVER gotten the results as I have with the bacillus acidophillus. If you do a forum search your sure to find info)

    I used to use 1 tbs a gallon too, but got burns for a sensitive plant. Since then I've switched to a tsp per 5 gals and my plants get the same benefit essentially.

  9. thanks man, good info.

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