White dots on the Aurora Indica

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  1. Hello everyone

    Last week I began to see white dots on my plants(Aurora Indica - Nirvana seeds).
    White dots appear through out the all plant and not just the top or bottom.
    The plants grow outdoor and they are already at week 3 flowering
    What might be important to note that last week had been particularly hot, with daytime temperatures of above 35 degrees Celsius.
    At the moment, I use Biobizz: Topmax, Bio bloom and Alg-a-mic, With every water for the past 4 weeks.

    I upload pictures, does anyone know what this is?
    Lack of a fertilizer or it might be a disease or even a any kind of animal doing this to the plant?

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  2. It is definitely some type of bug chewing on the leaves i think, get some Safer End All pesticide and spray her, it is made of Neem Oil, Soap, and a tiny bit of Pyrethrins, the stuff they get from crysanthemums(spelling?)
  3. Do u Know any Organic One? Biobizz maybe?
    In my country (Israel) we don't have a lot of options...
  4. Safer End All is organic and OMRI Certified, safe to use up to the day of harvest
  5. Have you looked on the bottom sides of the leaves for eggs or crawly bugs, thrips is what it looks like
  6. Bugs are the worst, make sure when you spray that you spray under the leaves too, thats where they can live. Looks like my leaves did when I got spider mites! Good luck man

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