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  1. Hi good people,
    I've discovered little white dots forming ontop of my soil (miracle gro organic/perlite mix). Been watering what i'd consider lightly so not overly wet, have airflow by way of far. I wasn't sure if what i was seeing was mineral deposits, fungis, mildew, mold or what so i wanted to put it up for review and see if i can get any answers. Thanks for the help guys.


  2. Do they look fuzzy? Looks like mildew.
  3. nah, not fuzzy at all. just little multiplying white dots. trying to track down pictures that resemble whats going on.
    at first i was thinking powdery mildew, but i can't find any instances of it growing on the dirt surface. my wife keeps saying it's mineral deposits but that doesn't seem right..
    if indeed it's power mildew, i guess i'll have to get a sulphur vap.
  4. Could be anything, looks like milldew.

    Is this an outdoor or indoor garden?
  5. its an indoor grow. water source is city tap. soil is a organic miracle gro, perilite mix.
    two seedlings going... one seed is unknown, other is a tangerine dream.
    seeds soaked in water 18 hours or so then planted into pre-moistened soil. soil was too moist at first and had one seedling damp off. watering a lot lighter now and letting things dry out.
    temp is probably 68-72 range, single t5 bulb about 4 inches away so its not really a hot enviroment. humidity in house is unknown but very humid outside i'm sure especially since we're surrounded by lakes and its raining outside.
    i know first step is figuring out what this is.. i hear sulphur amoung other things will handle mildew but for now maybe i should see if its mineral deposits which means flushing with filtered water and improving drainage if needed.
    if i flush with filtered water and it goes away, it's salt deposits and if it doesn't then move to handling it like its mildew?
  6. Should filter your water anyway.
  7. seedlings broke through the soil maybe 2 weeks ago, little over perhaps. each day i notice fan leaves developing more, getting bigger. so far i'd say their on tract but if i was paying better attention reality might be they're a tiny on the slow side? idk thou, could just be strain characteristics and what not...
    will probably be filtering my water soon once i get funds for hardware but i'm still debating the whole "tap water has minerals ur plants need, calcium/mag. etc vs. using filtered and just reintroducing minerals through soil admendments
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    RO will strip water of beneficial minerals. Regular filters are fine. Remove clorine and all the other toxic shit.
  9. oh ok, filter waters def. a must then. thanks for the knowledge on that. i'll see about giving it a bit of a flush tomorrow with my brita filter water and see if the spots start to decline.
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    And ph your waer too 5.8 to 6.3 runoff
  11. Two weeks in lateral growth should be started.

  12. I have indoor tomatoes under HID lights. I noticed this alot when I didn't have a fan in my grow spot. You may need some air circulation if you don't have it, or more circulation.

    Don't be worried with the water at all. If you can drink it then it's good for your garden.
  13. thanks for the input.
    yesterday i removed the top 1/4 of soil that had the dots on it. got up this morning and nothing has returned so maybe it was minerals or salts after all? i figure mildew would spread fairly quickly and i'd notice something new on the dirt this morning but nadda.
  14. The clorine and disolved solids coming out of water treatment plants are not all beneficial to plant growth. Why i recommended filtration. Plants may grow but they wont be to their potential. Tomatoes are not the same as high quality cannabis.
  15. just wanted to leave an update. the white spots haven't returned after switching to filtered water. must have been mineral deposits.

    Thanks guys

  16. Good point, and I only have a little experience with growing weed.
  17. i got same thing too on my soil.
  18. I know this is an old post, but wanted to add this for anyone who sees this in the future. I'm almost certain that the white specks are Perlite. It's a type of expanded volcanic glass that is added to potting soil to prevent soil compaction and to aid in drainage. Since it's porous it is also helpful in retaining moisture in the soil.
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