White dots on my plants

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  1. Hello,

    It's bagseed from some really shitty stuff. growing in half miracle grow potting soil, 1/4 coast of maine potting soil, 1/4 worm castings.

    i put 1/8 teaspoon blooming nutrients (miracle grow) into 1.75 liters (0.46 gallons). I did this because the plant was showing purple underneath the leaves and near/on the veins. I concluded it was either phosphorus or potassium deficiency, and figured that blooming nutrients would be best because they don't have much nitrogen and my soil already contains slow-release N.

    pH is around 6.2.

    three lights. 2 (26W 5500K CFL) and 1 (30W 2700K CFL). The plant is 3 inches away from the closest light.

    PC box grow, average temperature is probably something around 75.

    The pot is probably a quart large. It's a microgrow, don't hate.

    They sprouted around 4/24, I believe.

    I water every day, but I only give a little bit of water. I don't think this is a water problem, but I might be wrong?

    This is my setup: Untitled - Minus
    This is the plant (high quality pic for diagnosis): Untitled - Minus

  2. Dunno what the white dots are, but it looks overwatered.
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    Thx though

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