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  1. Ok let me first start by saying, I have debated whether to start this thread or not, I\'m finally deciding to do it. And that I am not racist, but I think this has become a problem. If you came here to call me racist or flame me or whatever just hit the back button now because I dont want to hear it. I just want to know some of the citys opinions on this topic, and if anyone else agrees. I have noticed that the white race has become increasingly discriminated and \"held down\" over the past couple decades, in America, mainly.

    Take affirmative action for example. Is it even possible to count the number of jobs that have been given to a less qualified \"minority\" over a white person just because they fit the correct skin color or ethnicity?

    Why are the black panthers considered a \"civil rights\" group, but the Ku Klux Klan considered a \"hate\" group? The BPP has even been allowed to openly recruit members on college campuses throughout the country. If the KKK (or any \"white\" group) attempted this, it would be called a \"hate militia\".

    What do you think they would say about a \"Miss White America\" pangeant?

    Why is ok to have a black filmmakers festival, but \"racist\" or \"unfair\" to have a white filmmakers festival?

    Or, why is it perfectly acceptable for a black person to wear a \"black pride\" shirt, when a white person wearing a \"white pride\" shirt would be called a racist bigot?

    I don\'t know about any of you, but I don\'t get a \"white\" check daily. I have never gotten a job simply because I am white. Your bills still have to be paid, and your stuff is repossessed if they aren\'t. I receive no \"whites\" scholarship to pay for my schooling. When you apply for an apartment, they dont give me the special \"white\" application on which requirements for acceptance are lower.

    White people have been constantly told how we are responsible for the worlds oppression of the black race. Mainly slavery, but slavery was going on decades upon decades in Africa, among African tribes. Hell, africans captured and sold eachother to us as slaves.

    I\'m not saying at all that slavery wasn\'t wrong. But why are we still paying or making up for what happened 200 years ago? None of the black people living in America today were even alive during slavery. None of them had to suffer, so why do they get amnesty checks for something that happened to their great great great grandparents? My grandparents even fought for their freedom.

    Also, I dont understand why theyre called \"African Americans\". I know that its \"politically correct\" only because they\'re ancestors came from Africa. If thats true, does that make me Italian-American? No, I\'ve never been to Italy, so I\'m American. They were born here, in America. They\'re American! Not \"African-American\", most of them have never even been to Africa.

    I just started thinking about this recently when I heard that a black family in California tried to sue the family of their ancestors former slave owner (wtf?). Honestly, I think it\'s gotten a little out of control. I know this is some sort of \"payback\" to what we did to them during slavery. But like I said above, no one alive today was alive during slavery.

    And finally, this subjects a bit touchy, so in advance I\'m sorry if this offends anyone. But I think that the \"taboo\" of the \"n\" word is a bit overrated. First of all, ****** means lazy and ignorant. When pilgrims first arrived here it was meant to describe \"ignorant white people\". Then, during slavery the word was used to describe black people. And not sure how true it is, but I heard they called the slaves \"******s\" because when they first arrived here they didn\'t know what to do and never did any work. Hence \"lazy and ignorant\". The word was later bastardized among the southern states as a harsh term describing black slaves. Which is why it\'s so taboo today. I respect that this offends black people and that it is an insulting word to use. But, I don\'t fully understand why black people use it amongst eachother. If its something that offends them don\'t you think they wouldn\'t use it? Not only that, but why is it acceptable for black people to call me \"whitey\", \"cracker\", and \"honkey\"? Don\'t you think that if you have the respect not to use the \"n\" word, they would have the respect to not call you a \"honkey\"?

    I have seen the word \"cracker\" and \"honkey\" used in magazines, books, TV shows, even on the news. But you know if ****** was used, even as a quote by a TV host, he would be fired and sued.

    I think it\'s really been getting out of hand lately and I\'ve been thinking alot about it. No offense intended to anyone, and no, I\'m not racist, just something I\'ve noticed. I was wondering if anyone on the city has noticed the same thing?
  2. yep.. reverse racism happens everywhere... i cant wait to make enough money to move out of this country.
  3. You\'ll get no arguments from me.
  4. If things starting getting worse for the white male in America, you could very well see the rebirth of the white supremicist movement... in some form.. not saying KKK but kind of like the NAACP.. an organization working for whites\' rights.
  5. Because basically anything that isn\'t expressly a *insert minority* event IS a predominantly white event. Dude, I\'m white, and I am pretty damn proud of how our race DOES NOT get so easily offended. Let\'s not play victim and take it in stride. Instead of making it a race issue, let\'s make it a humanity issue and change it. I also think that the KKK is a FAR ass cry away from the Panthers. The panthers are def. borderline hate group now, but not originally. They aren\'t INHERENTLY racist like the KKK. Stop trying to play victim and focus your energy on something productive.

    Edit: The NAACP is not a supremacy group dude...
  6. I\'m a big enough man not to be bothered by discrimination.

    If you want to call me a \'Whitey\' or a \'Cracka\' then by all means go ahead, I don\'t care.

  7. See, I hate this term. There is no such thing as \"reverse racism\". Racism is racism, reverse racism would mean the absence of racism.

    All too often people automaticly assume that the definition of racism is \"White vs Black, untrue.
  8. I argue about this all the time with people, and those who disagree never seem to be able to find a sensible argument... im on your side.
  9. Exactly. I said the same thing in my post. I wish more people would read all posts before they post.
    Not knocking you, but people do it all the time. In this thread as well.
  10. Part of the reason for white discrimination nowadays is because it\'s socially more cool to be black than white.

    Ex. Rappers sell way more albums nowadays than a rock band. (This fact comes from nothing and I could easily be wrong. =P)

    You also have to take some things into consideration such as Affirmative Action (Affirmative Blacktion) but I can see you already have.

    There will always be racism and discrimination towards all races and ethnicities. The best thing you can do is be as diverse as possible and don\'t let any ignorant people bring you down.
  11. none of my black friends have ever got a job or an appartment \"simply\" cause they were black.

    idk about where you live, but here in LA, there is no \"affirmitave action\", and if there was, it applys to whites, cause blacks and latinos, sure as hell aint the minority in LA.
  12. Think about this, white isn\'t a dominant skin color.
    Whites will be a minority eventually.
  13. Affirmative Action is actually in reform to be about socio-economic status and not race now.... but alright.

  14. rappers now a days are lucky to go platinum, it has nothing to do with race, but with how the execs just want money, and not art, so theyll just put out any ol\' garbage.
  15. Caucasian groups are seen as the Majority in the US, while other races are minorities. Why would you have a White Filmmakers Festival, or a White Miss America when most of the contestants are already white? The reason people have Latino Music awards and Black Film Festivals is because they are outnumbered from the start. Mexico doesn\'t have a Mexican Award show, because they already live in Mexico and there are a few number of minorities in that country. In reality, it balances out the races. Throwing in the name of the color seems to discriminate from other whites, but really it just gives minorities a chance to recognize a larger number of their own people.

    As for the Black Panthers, compared to the KKK. The black panthers want rights and equality, but they show it through violence, which may get them confused with the white supremacist group The Ku-Klux-Klan. KKK wants to go back to slavery, and keep minorities out of the country/ them. You can\'t compare the two because Black Panthers aren\'t trying to take over the country or enslave whites. White Power is a slogan used to show superiority of their race, while Black Power is a slogan urging people to let them be equals.

    And lastly ****** is not meant to describe lazy people or anything of that sort. It is derived from the word \"Negro\", which in Spanish, means the color Black (slave trading in the south was close to Mexican borders). ****** is the term white slave laborers derived from the spanish term as slang for slaves, so that they were not confused with using the spanish term. It only gained a negative meaning once it was used twords blacks, and before slaves the word wasn\'t used

    As a Majority, whites have more power over any minority who was born out of the country. As a born citizen of this country, you are privileged. You didn\'t have to migrate here, start a new life, and adapt to our culture. The reason we as immigrants have aid for schooling and funding is because they are adapting and need as much help as they can get. Then again this is North America, land of democracy and equal rights, so as a government by the people we try to give every one an equal chance to succeed and obtain \"The American Dream\"

    This of course, is my own opinion. I hope that could clear your thoughts about some of those issues.

    I\'d also like to open a discussion about how wrong our government is right now. No one realizes that the country is run by racist Republicans. With closing of borders and a lot of hostility twords immigrants because of racist steriotypes, whites have no reason to play victim. It may suck to be pointed out as \"the cracker\" from some pissed off thug on the streets, but you don\'t realize how lucky you are to have the law on your side. I don\'t care what you think, whites will always have power over minorities in this country. Equal Rights my ass!
  16. I\'m white and I don\'t feel discriminated against. I don\'t agree with affirmative action though - I don\'t care what color your skin is, the person who is most qualified for the job should get it.
  17. I\'ve been thinking this way since way back in Junior High.

    There was even a club at High School that required you to be an African-American male to join. Last I heard, they\'re still up and running.

    With any luck, one day EVERYONE will realize that the color of someone\'s skin doesn\'t mean shit and everyone will start thinking of everyone as PEOPLE and not a \'black guy\' or a \'white guy\' or a \'Mexican\', etc.
  18. Wow that got alot of posts fast :D. And theres another sub story behind all this, not really wanting to type it all out now...

    But to whatsthatsmell, I honestly wouldn\'t have a problem with that either, if they didnt complain about the use of the \"n\" word. Its hypocritical and annoying. Also, and this is relating to the sub story I just talked about, at my school, the black kids call you \"cracker\" and \"whitey\" all the time as your walking through the hallways to get to class. Theyve got so much power over my school right now its ridiculous. We used to ignore these comments (no matter how hypocritical it may be), and it came to the point where my buddy almost got jumped by 15 black kids, after school they started to surround him, they got about 3 hits in and gave him a black eye before one of the teachers jumped in and handled it. I hate backing down to black kids just because I\'m afraid that what I say might be considered \"racist\". Or anything you do will be considered a hate crime. It needs to change
  19. honestly, given the history of the three words, do you think \"cr***er\" and \"ho***\" are AS hurtfull and degrading as \"n*****\"??

    im not saying that they should be used, but i am saying that if i call a white person a cr*****, he probably wont get offended....but if i call a black person a n*****, i would probably get in a fight.
  20. Exactly my point. I\'m glad to hear I\'m not the only one that notices how quickly the white population is diminishing. I tell people that alot and the reaction is \"Oh god forbig whites be the minority and blacks be dominant for once\", I think thats absolutely ridiculous, as most blacks to this day continue to complain about how discriminated they are. And the sad part is, is that the government listens to them. Which is why blacks today get checks in the mail daily.
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